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MEMORIST to release first single on Year Of The Rat Records

"The Empiric" will be released on July 9, with the band having signed to Year Of The Rat in June

UK, London, 6th July 2021

MEMORIST will release their first single on Year Of The Rat Records on July 9.
Titled “The Empiric”, the single is influenced by the likes of Deftones, Northlane and Hans Zimmer, and is a calling card to the industrial, synthesiser-laced sound that they have strived to achieve since the roaring success of their initial three singles. 
MEMORIST – so named due to frontman Jon’s inability to forget – are a six-piece alternative metal outfit that craft powerful emotional journeys for the listener, through Jon’s personal experiences and perceived injustices.
Layered in satisfying atmospheric textures and driving choruses, MEMORIST are experts in creating tension only to explode into a salvo of memorable melodies and lyrics to identify with.
Having already garnered a wealth of recognition from fans, industry and contemporaries alike, MEMORIST have enjoyed the position of “Featured Artist of the Week” on Alex Baker’s Fresh Blood show on Kerrang! Radio along with numerous plays of their three initial singles by the presenter. They have also featured on live streams from Tesseract’s Dan Tompkins and Fit For a King’s Ryan Kirby.
They’ve had placements on Spotify’s “UK Metal” curated playlist, boasting approximately 1.2 million streams on the platform alone, with a regular monthly listenership of over 20,000 active fans. They’ve also earned a total of over 1 million combined YouTube views across just three music videos. 
They have already had coverage with the likes of Kerrang TV, Kerrang Radio, Sirius XM Octane, Lambgoat, Dreambound, Heavy Mag, Total Rock Radio, Distortion Radio, Endeavour FM and many other respected publications, and look to release many more singles over the course of the remainder 2021.
Speaking about ‘The Empiric’ vocalist Jon said: The Empiric is actually one of the later songs we wrote as part of the new cycle of material, seeded by Chris (guitar) and Jon (vocals). We had been fascinated for some time by how organic and synthetic elements could work together in modern music and film scores, and wanted to explore the interaction between guitars, orchestral elements and synth elements usually found in the work of Hans Zimmer or drum and bass artists like Noisia.
“Due to the national lockdown, Chris and Jon were writing remotely using FaceTime and DropBox and, as fathers to two young children, a lot of this took place late at night whilst our families were asleep. Once the song began to take shape, it was clear there was an anger in this song that had not been held in our music before, and this quickly began to manifest lyrically as well as sonically with a clear theme related to our perceived inadequacies in the handling of the Coronavirus pandemic by the UK government.
“The Empiric became more of a concept piece than we had initially planned, and this theme carries through into the video, whereby the performance exists almost within a post-apocalyptic simulation as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, heavily influenced by sci-fi and industrial ideas.
“Lyrically, The Empiric explores my own personal (and our collective) dissatisfaction with the handling of the coronavirus pandemic by the UK government, and the apparent ineptitude and lack of belief from a great portion of the UK population. It is politically charged, with a desperate and exasperated plea to the masses to take things seriously, if not for themselves but for their loved ones and others around them. The verses and breakdown focus more on the attitudes of the government in the way the pandemic was handled, the mounting death toll and refusal to take responsibility for it in spite of stark warnings from the scientific community, and a seeming insistence on blaming the population for not following guidance that had yet to be issued, or was not clear. The chorus speaks more to the UK population, expressing my heartfelt hopes that eventually enough people would wake up and cease to risk everyone around them.
“This is the first time I had ever written anything this politically influenced or pointed, but it felt as though this was a period of time that will not quickly be forgotten, and in light of the deeply saddening death toll is one that will remain in the memories of many generations to come.”
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