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Midgar release new EP 'Warrens'

The EP follows up the band's album 'Unity' which was out in June 2021

UK, 28th October 2021




After 8 years of pursuing a diverse career in the music industry, Andy Wilson – Taylor is once again at the helm of the cinematic rock band Midgar. A composer for TV and film by day, and session vocalist and songwriter by night, Wilson – Taylor has re-kindled his love with larger-than-life, symphonic rock music and recently released long-awaited new album ‘Unity’, which pushed the boundaries of Midgar’s signature sound; classical piano and strings colliding head on with epic, modern rock. Midgar are now following up the album with a new 4 track EP entitled ‘Warrens’ which features a brand new single, as well as three re-imagined versions of tracks that appear on ‘Unity’.

Midgar became the third band to join Year Of The Rat Records last year, joining Lastelle and The Young Hearts on the labels roster. The album ‘Unity’ picked up a plethora of coverage with Kerrang Radio as ‘Featured Artist Of The Week’, RTE2XM, Amazing Radio, Alyx Plays Punk, Endeavour FM, BT TV, Moshville Times, Gig Radar, Crowd Salat, ARFM, Hardbeat and Total Rock Radio, as well as landing official playlisting with Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, Deezer and Pandora. Furthermore, the album received brilliant reviews across the board with the likes of ERB 4.5/5, Rozdagyar 9/10, Distorted Sound 8/10, 89/100 Sonic Perspectives, and Ever Metal 10/10. The new EP ’Warrens’ will be released on the 29th October 2021 on Year Of The Rat Records.

Speaking about the lead single ‘Warrens’, composer and singer Andy Wilson Taylor says – “‘Warrens’ is a song about being in a dark and lonely place, but being comfortable there.

Sometimes you don’t want to break out of a self-destructive spiral because there’s a real comfort that comes with being at rock bottom. ‘Warrens’ imagines a dark labyrinth of the mind that’s impossible to escape from. It is also connected to one of the album tracks in an ‘easter-egg’ way; that’s what inspired the song title and the concept originally as it was intended as a secret ‘hidden’ track on the limited edition cassette tape. So much of this album and the content that came with it was produced in lockdown, but for this single finally things were easier in terms of putting a video production together. I really wanted to give this album a huge send off and do things properly for this one, so a good friend of mine who produces stuff for Hollywood jumped on board and we worked together on the video. We wanted to create something really stunning visually, so we used cinema camera rigs with beautiful lenses and a really interesting lighting setup. We went all out. It was really cool for me to give the last piece of this album cycle the production value it deserves. I think it’s the best thing Midgar has ever done.”

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Warrens is out across all streaming platforms on the 29th October 2021.

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