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Modern Sky inks sub-pub deal with Royalty Network for Chinese catalogue in North America

London, 17th August 2020 China’s largest independent music company, Modern Sky Entertainment, has agreed a sub-publishing deal with Royalty Network for its Chinese music catalogue.

The deal is for North America and marks the first time Modern Sky’s Chinese copyrights will be represented for publishing outside of their home territory.

The catalogue will be overseen and managed by Modern Sky UK, headed by the company’s UK & North America CEO David Pichilingi.

Modern Sky is home to 200+ artists and has a music catalogue of 4,500 songs, including some of the biggest names in Chinese contemporary music across hip hop, rap, electronic, folk, indie/guitar and other genres.

The Top 10 most popular artists within Modern Sky’s Chinese music catalogue garnered a combined total of 1.9 billion streams on the Tencent Music owned QQ Music platform in 2019.

Dongye Song was Modern Sky’s most streamed artist on the platform last year, with more than 800 million streams.

He was followed by Di Ma with 235 million streams and Ke Ding with 193 million.

Modern Sky founder LiHui Shen said: “This deal with Royalty Network is an exciting milestone. Such a collaboration will make it easier for artists and their works to thrive in other territories, and create new possibilities for the future of the Chinese music market.”


Modern Sky UK

Founded by Lihui Shen in 1997, Modern Sky Entertainment is a multi-faceted entertainment company, operating across records, publishing, live and video. It is the largest independent record label in China as well as being promoter of the largest music festivals in the territory under the banner of Strawberry Festivals.