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New Zurich-based open-source music and tech gathering announces inaugural outing: IPx to co-design the future of the music industry

A gathering for the global music and technology industry

Zurich, 12th October 2021 The inaugural edition of IPx will go live on August 11th and 12th 2022 in Zurich, Switzerland.

A gathering for the global music and technology industry, the organisers are looking to co-design the future of the music industry by bringing together participants from and and all music and technological backgrounds.

IPx will challenge old perceptions, embrace change and double down on trends to deliver an experiential event from the future; a new exploration and experience at the thrilling intersection of music and technology.

By making most of the program open source, the organisers of IPx aim to activate and hyper-engage its participants and the community around it. The two-day gathering will see dedicated programming for music and tech industry professionals, ranging from special keynotes to themed sessions, but will mostly focus on the participants’ input and thoughts on the global music ecosystem issues they would like to see addressed and fixed.

Director of IPx is music industry conference veteran Richard Zijlma, who has been the Director of ADE (Amsterdam Dance Event) for 20 years as well as General Manager of the Eurosonic Noorderslag conference for six years.

“After my journey at ADE, I started working on several projects, all of them of course music related. I always like the process of starting new projects, as well joining them from the beginning and to slowly bring them to life. There is a global movement that works towards a fairer revenue stream for every artist. With IPx we are aiming to accelerate this process, in order to shape the future of the music industry together.”

IPx will be held in various locations in the centre of Zurich. More information about the application process will be announced in the coming weeks. IPx will end in August 2025.

“Utopia want to ensure progress and create momentum for the event by committing to sponsor it for three years. Ideally, other partners and participants sign up for the full duration of IPx to help us co-design the future of the music industry. We see a bright, better world for music with fairness, trust and transparency at the heart of it. We are both excited and curious about the outcome. One thing is for certain – the wider industry is in need of change and bright minds collaboratively can make that a reality!”

  • Markku Mäkeläinen, CEO of Utopia Music AG

More information will be released via: IPx.live

IPx is a Utopia Music Initiative

Utopia Music

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