NexTone joins Friends and Supporters of IMPF

NexTone represents approximately 500,000 works including popular songs by Japanese artists and video games.

Brussels, 2nd October 2023

Japanese music copyright administration agency NexTone has joined IMPF’s Friends and Supporters category.
NexTone is the only private-sector company in the music copyright administration business in Japan.
It has managed a broad range of rights, including mechanical, digital, broadcasting and performing copyrights, in the territory since its establishment in 2000.
The company was re-established as a joint venture between e-License Inc. and Japan Rights Clearance Inc in 2016 and, in March 2020, became a publicly listed company on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Growth market.
NexTone works with a wide variety of rights-holders including the publishing arms of global video games companies and animation studios, major and independent music publishers, and individual songwriters.
Today it represents approximately 500,000 copyrights including popular songs by Japanese artists and works from various world-famous video games.
NexTone has also developed businesses across various sectors including digital distribution, marketing & promotion, music publisher business-agency service, and system development, allowing it to offer a wide variety of support for all parties involved in the music business, including music publishers, artists and management.
Launched in 2021, IMPF’s ‘Friends and Supporters’ category is aimed at commercial companies whose mission is to have an open and transparent relationship with the independent music publishing community worldwide, aligned with that of IMPF.
NexTone Inc. President & COO, Yuji Arakawa, said: “NexTone is the only private music rights management company in Japan. Since our founding in 2000, we have consistently pursued transparent, fair, and flexible copyright management that is close to the will of the creators. NexTone is pleased to join IMPF’s Friends and Supporters, and to have the opportunity to work with the global independent music publishing community to create a new era of copyright management.”

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