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Ocha Media Inc. launches underground house music publisher

Ocha Publishing will represent underground house music artists and labels, with Yoruba Records, one of the most important labels in the genre, first to sign on.

Brooklyn, NYC, 21st February 2023 New York-based Ocha Media Inc. has announced the launch of its publishing administration and music synchronization service, Ocha Publishing. Ocha Publishing will focus primarily on underground house music and represent a range of artists and record labels that otherwise would not have an opportunity to have their music heard by music supervisors, producers and creative directors.

Unlike other publishers or sync agents that cover a variety of genres, Ocha Publishing represents a carefully curated catalog of songs from within the house music genre, including sub-genres such as afro house, deep house, soulful house, techno and others, to provide the full spectrum of emotion and energy required by music supervisors and creative directors.

The first label to sign with Ocha Publishing is Osunlade’s Yoruba Records. One of the most prolific and beloved independent house music labels, with a highly coveted catalog, Yoruba will now be represented by Ocha Publishing for all music synchronization business.

Osunlade comments

“I’ve been with major publishers and have done a lot of work on my own, so I know what it takes to be successful in this space.  I am excited to be working with a team that cares about the music and will be focused on our mutual success.”

Ocha Publishing will provide a traditional publishing administration role for its roster but will also proactively specialize in music synchronization. Through Ocha Publishing, music licensors and sync agents be able to quickly find one-stop, easily licensed, underground dance music, from a central, reliable source. The new venture also aims to address the lack of opportunity for house music artists and indie labels to maximize the revenue potential of their copyrights.

Crossover of the underground house music sound into mainstream consciousness, as evidenced on recent albums from global stars including Beyonce, The Weeknd, and Drake, suggests that Ocha Publishing has tapped into a niche with considerable promise.

“House music has traditionally been underrepresented in film, television and commercials and we aim to change that by getting the music we represent into the hands of those decision makers,” said Carlos Mena, CEO of Ocha Publishing. “With the resurgence of house music and its transition into pop music, we fully expect to see the demand for synchronization licenses continue to increase for the foreseeable future.”

House music rising star, Coflo, will also be represented by Ocha Publishing. He comments,

“I’m excited to bring my catalog to Ocha Publishing because house music, like all popular music, has the same DNA when it comes to what evokes a wide range of emotional responses.  It is today’s blues, rock-n-roll, jazz, disco, funk, soul and R&B all wrapped up in one.  It’s no wonder major pop artists today are trying to revisit the same feeling of yester-years’ dance hits with modern-house-like production qualities.”

Ocha Publishing promises to deliver a high-quality service to a currently under-served and significant segment of the music-making community, while also providing a new and reliable source of fresh music for music supervisors and creative media decision-makers.

Ocha Publishing

Ocha Publishing is a dynamic and innovative company dedicated to bringing the best in house music to the world.