Opulous Unlocks Music Royalty Investing For The Masses Through Republic

Fans Will Be Able To Own Music By Their Favourite Artist And Earn Money

London, 6th October 2021 Opulous, the blockchain platform from the founders of award-winning distribution and record label services company Ditto Music, has teamed up with rap royalty Lil Pump and powerhouse DJ and producer KSHMR to unlock music royalty offerings for the masses through investment platform Republic.

Through the offering of Security NFTs (S-NFTs)*, a term coined by Republic to describe a novel framework combining blockchain technology and securities innovation, the new launch will radically simplify the way in which investors can engage with one of the world’s most exciting and fastest growing markets, music.

Through Republic’s flexible and easy-to-use platform, users will be able to invest directly into the artists they love for as little as $100. When fans invest in an artist’s new song or album, they share in the royalties earned from streaming services, creating a new era in the artist-fan relationship where artists can thrive financially and fans are rewarded for their support. These music royalty tokens will be the key to more than just royalties. This new offering combines the power of blockchain technology and an innovative investing framework, enabling artists to offer exclusive tickets, merch, events, NFT drops and more to their investor community.

As part of the first wave of releases, Lil Pump is offering fans and investors the opportunity to be part of his forthcoming single ‘Mona Lisa (feat. Soulja Boy)’, produced by Jimmy Duval. ‘Mona Lisa’ brings together two of this generation’s most influential rap superstars while giving their fans the ability to show their support for their favorite artists in a mutually beneficial way.

Meanwhile, investors will also be able to get in on a forthcoming single from EDM titan KSHMR with further details to be announced soon. In the coming weeks, there will be even more star artists who will be offering their music copyright for investment via Republic.

Commenting on the project, Lil Pump said, ‘”Mona Lisa” is a blast from my past. Now Opulous takes it into the future, Essketit!’

KSHMR commented, ‘Taking pride in my music and creativity is something that has always been important to me. So I’m excited to team up with Opulous to offer my fans the opportunity to be part of my music and to share in my journey. This new offering will radically change how artists engage with their fans, creating a new era for fan experiences.’

Republic, a leading equity crowdfunding platform in the US, gives people the power to invest in the future they believe in by investing directly in a variety of asset classes, including startups, video games, real estate, crypto, and now music. Republic has facilitated over $500 million in investments from over one million global community members. This ethos of accessibility and innovation chimes perfectly with Opulous’ mission of empowering artists and their creative vision. Built on the Algorand blockchain, Opulous provides financial support for artists without the need for restrictive high-street banks or the cumbersome bureaucracy of major labels.

Opulous founder Lee Parsons added, ‘Opulous is excited to help artists invest in themselves and their art without the need for mainstream financial support such as banks or label deals that take the majority of money they’re due. Instead, our ongoing campaigns on Republic will enable fans to invest directly in the music they love so that they can keep creating and build their career into something sustainable and rewarding.’


Opulous brings Decentralized Finance to the music industry, changing how musicians access the funding they need via DeFi loans based on future royalty earnings, as well as providing a launchpad for the first music copyright-backed NFTs.