Paraguay and India trade associations join the Worldwide Independent Network (WIN)

Newly-established AMI Paraguay joins WIN following 2022 Southern Cone's Independents Forum visit to Asunción. The South India Music Companies Association (SIMCA) also joins as first South Asian WIN member. Network now spans 36 trade associations and 40 territories.

London, 18th July 2023

WIN (Worldwide Independent Network), the international body representing the independent recorded music sector, has welcomed new members from two key regions — Asociación de la Música Independiente del Paraguay (AMI Paraguay) and the South India Music Companies Association (SIMCA).

Expanding WIN’s reach in Latin America’s dynamic and thriving music market, AMI Paraguay was established earlier this year as the first ever Paraguayan independent music trade association, representing 13 local music companies. WIN was directly involved in its creation, visiting Asunción as part of the first instalment of the Southern Cone Independent’s Forum (FICS) in November, after months of work with local stakeholders.

Representing an independent music scene notable for its captivating blend of roots and contemporary influences, AMI Paraguay joins fellow Latin American WIN members, ASIAr (Argentina), ABMI (Brazil), and IMICHILE (Chile).

Lucas Toriño, President of AMI Paraguay, said: ” FICS 2022 focused on associativism and we continue to see results to this day. We are very happy to have had the participation of companies, associations, government bodies and colleagues from our industry, who share our goal of working towards a united Paraguayan music industry, and helping it to resonate even more globally. Many thanks to the WIN team, and the colleagues from IMICHILE, ASIAr, and UFi who supported us with their experience and constant guidance in the creation of AMI Paraguay.”

Oliver Knust, Director of Chilemúsica and WIN board member, added: “For the Latin American region, it is very important for independents to be associated and communicate. We have seen how year after year the work of WIN’s Latam Network has been key to this, with milestones such as the creation of the Latin American Independent Music Observatory (OLMI). We hope that new trade associations will continue to form and that the regional alliance will strengthen the independent recording ecosystem so that new music can continue to emerge and represent the diversity of the territories.”

Also joining WIN is SIMCA, which represents the interests of over 60% of the South Indian music market, with 78 member businesses. Founded in 1996, SIMCA brings a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities specific to the region’s complex ecosystem, characterised by its vastness, diversity and varied cultural landscapes.

SIMCA’s new membership is a key expansion of WIN’s global reach, with the wider Indian recorded music market having grown by 48% year-on-year, reaching $318.6m in 2022, according to IFPI’s 2023 Global Music Report. SIMCA joins Asian WIN members IMCJ (Japan) and LIAK (South Korea), which together with AIR (Australia) and IMNZ (New Zealand), lead the APAC Alliance working group for the Asia-Pacific region.

Sridhar J Swaminathan, Secretary of SIMCA, commented: “The South India Music Companies Association, an association of independent music businesses in India, is honored and delighted to be a part of WIN. We understand the significance of the independent music trade across the globe and are looking forward to a progressive collaboration to ‘Be Global & Stay Independent'”.

Tak Yamazaki, IMCJ General Counsel and WIN board member, said: “Embracing a new territory within the Asia-Pacific region into the network of associations holds immense importance. By welcoming SIMCA, we amplify the diverse voices, artistic expressions, and unique perspectives that enrich the entire music ecosystem. This expansion not only fosters cross-cultural collaboration and creative exchange but also strengthens the collective representation of independent music and rights holders to make a lasting impact on the global stage.”

Noemí Planas, CEO of WIN, concluded: “WIN is committed to growing and strengthening the global independent network. Travel restrictions and businesses in survival mode during the pandemic were a temporary setback, but we have come out of it with renewed vigour, and welcoming two new members from the Latin America and Asia-Pacific regions to the WIN family is a fantastic achievement.”

WIN looks forward to working with President Lucas Toriño and Secretary Sridhar J Swaminathan, along with AMI Paraguay and SIMCA’s boards and members, to further develop the music sectors in Paraguay and South India and to connect them with the broader global independent network.


Founded in 2006 in response to shared issues faced by the music sector everywhere, WIN brings together local independent music trade associations throughout Australasia, Asia, Europe, North and South America, representing thousands of music companies and professionals worldwide.