Public Pressure

Public Pressure announces partnership with Diesel to promote emerging artists with Web3 culture & technology

Diesel, a brand synonymous with socially responsible youth culture, is establishing itself as a “patron of discovery” via Public Pressure.

London, 20th September 2022 Public Pressure, a Web3 media company with a carbon-neutral NFT music marketplace, is joining forces with fashion brand, Diesel, to celebrate the fabric and future of underground music.

Diesel, a brand synonymous with socially responsible youth culture, is establishing itself as a “patron of discovery” via Public Pressure. Diesel aims to pioneer the advancement of music and NFTs — expanding product, engagement, and experience categories using Web3 based content and asset types.

As a “discovery-focused” brand, the fashion company is embracing its reach as a “patron,” or what Public Pressure calls “mecenate” (a historical figure from Roman times that inspired the spirit and ethos of Renaissance patronage). As the first fashion “mecenate” brand, Diesel is dedicated to promoting under-represented musicians, artists, and their innovative genres. As a “mecenate” of discovery, Diesel seeks to enable and energise direct interactions between musicians, artists and fans.

Diesel’s NFT product and engagement strategies on Public Pressure will favour phygital products, permissions and experiences. NFTs that unlock exclusive music and video-based digital content online, alongside redeemable opportunities to participate in limited offers in physical merchandise, and invite-only ‘real life’ VIP events and ‘in-store’ launches off-line.

Giulia Maresca, CEO of Public Pressure said, “Music and fashion are all about freedom of expression. Diesel’s lifestyle credibility and ethos of passion, individuality and self-expression make this the perfect partnership.”

Francesca Versace, Chief Creative Officer of Public Pressure said, “Public Pressure is kickstarting a new Renaissance in the modern digital world. Our platform will take NFTs to the next level and bridge digital and physical worlds, creating a new economic engine.”

Public Pressure is committed to expanding the experiential value chain between music, fashion, culture, and technology. It is the first and only music marketplace in the Polkadot ecosystem; focused on delivering the largest addressable market for Web3 music with carbon-neutral phygital NFT activations supported by cross chain functionality.

This September, Public Pressure, in partnership with Moonsama – Polkadot’s #1 NFT collection and largest community on the network – will bring to market an unprecedented NFT offering; an interoperable and composable NFT earphone accessory that introduces music as gamified utility within Moonsama and its Exosama metaverse environment.

The “PODS” came equipped with three unreleased tracks from acclaimed DJ duo, Merk & Kremont.

The platform’s distinct ecosystem positioning, and innovative accomplishments within the broader NFT and blockchain landscape gives established brands such as Diesel, a cooperative and credible Web3 partner to innovate with — bringing forward NFT use-cases that are both useful and delightful.

Public Pressure and Diesel will announce full details of their “discovery” NFT campaign in the near future.




About Public Pressure

Public Pressure was originally launched in London in 2015 as an online community and magazine dedicated to giving a voice to emerging artists and labels.

Today, it’s a global Web3 media company with a carbon neutral NFT marketplace designed to support the transition of music to Web3.  Focusing on the interactions between music, fashion, culture, and technology, it powers a fair and equitable, direct-to-fan strategy for creators.

Public Pressure is built on Polkadot/Kusama. Polkadot has the lowest total electricity consumption and carbon emissions per year of the six proof-of-stake (POS) blockchains. It is also the most robust, modular and secure of POS chains and joins all other blockchains into a unified network to enable the creation of smart contracts.

The company’s four founders are:

  • CEO Giulia Maresca, a former Fashion Director at luxury brands including Emilio Pucci, Christian Louboutin, All Saints, Tod’s and Moncler;
  • President Sergio Mottola, the former Chairman and CEO of the Republic of San Marino Innovation Institute. Mottola led San Marino’s national blockchain strategy and legislative framework, working closely with institutional organisations, including the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the European Union, as well as diplomatic representatives;
  • Chief Creative Officer Francesca Versace, fashion designer who has collaborated with prestigious brands in Milan, London and Asia;
  • Chief Brand Officer Alfredo Violante, who was also the Founder of the Public Pressure Online Magazine. Violante has worked as an independent creative and consultant for 20th Century Fox, MediaCom, Sony and L’Oréal. He is also the owner of Supernova Records and a recording artist.

Public Pressure has also announced several high-profile music industry executives on their board of advisors, who include – Patrick Moxey, Founder of Ultra Music and Payday Records and the newly created Helix Records; renowned Dj manager and publisher Paul Sears, responsible for the global success of legendary DJ Benny Benassi; and music business veteran Charlie Rapino, currently Vice President of Artist First, the biggest independent label in Italy.


About Diesel

Diesel is an innovative international lifestyle company, founded by Renzo Rosso in 1978. Rooted in denim mastery and evolved into being a leader in premium fashion, Diesel is now a true alternative to the established luxury market. The brand’s collections include apparel, accessories and a wide range of lifestyle collaborations: from fragrances, watches and jewellery, to interior design and real estate projects with Diesel Living. Discovering, supporting, and fostering creativity is part of Diesel DNA and of its parenting company OTB, the international fashion and luxury group powering a variety of global iconic brands and companies.

Public Pressure

Public Pressure is a Web3 media company headquartered in London with offices around the world with an NFT marketplace that focuses on the interactions between music, culture and technology.