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Republic Network and Rockstar Games reach an agreement to include two Tokischa’s songs in "The Contract" by GTA Online

"Linda" and "Tukuntazo" are part of MOTOMAMI Los Santos, the GTA Online’s new radio station hosted by Rosalía, available from December 15th.

Estonia, 13th January 2022

Republic Network has reached an important agreement with gaming giant Rockstar Games, a synchronisation deal involving GTA, one of the industry’s most popular video games, and Tokischa.

The Dominican singer is enjoying an excellent artistic moment. Her recent featurings with artists such as Rosalía and J Balvin, which have been extremely well received, are proof of this. On the other hand, GTA has managed to stand out from its competitors over the last few years thanks to their selection of music that has been carefully chosen.

Deborah Mannis-Gardner from DMG Clearances, Inc., the company that handles Rockstar Games‘ music syncs, contacted Republic Network. Initially, they were only interested in obtaining the sync licence for the song “Linda”. However, Republic Network decided to seize the opportunity and go one step further.

Enrique Villa (CO-CEO Republic Network)“Grand Theft Auto marked a before and after in the videogame era. Synchronizing Republic Network projects is a big step for us”. 

Jorge Gálvez (CO-CEO Republic Network)“When I played GTA as a teenager I always tuned in to Latin radios to do the missions. Years later the mission has been to license our own projects for the new GTA Online station”.

Thanks to the publishing and synchronization work that Republic Network is doing with Tokischa, the tracks “Linda” and “Tukuntazo” have been included in GTA Online: The Contract, forming part of the new radio station: MOTOMAMI Los Santos whose host is Rosalia with Arca. In fact, MOTOMAMI is also the name of the Spanish star’s new album.

Tokischa: “To have two of my songs on the new GTA is a dream for me”.

Paulus Music“People love the forbidden and GTA represents that. Long live art”.

This new extension of the popular video game offers a journey through Los Santos that the creators describe as “wild and hilarious”, featuring Dr. Dre. In addition to the main storyline, there are several new featuresthe creation of the aforementioned new radio station and updates to existing stations with brand new tracks from Dr. Dre and other top artists. GTA Online: The Contract will be available on December 15th.

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