Revelator welcomes new hires following rapid and sustained growth in 2022

Rich Masio joins the Revelator team as VP of Partnerships

California, 7th June 2023

Capitalizing on the recent growth and investing in the future of the music market, B2B music IP solution Revelator is promoting experts from within and hiring new talent. Rich Masio joins the Revelator team as VP of Partnerships where he will spearhead new business development opportunities for the company. Rich brings with him decades of experience in every corner of the industry  and serving as Director of Global Licensing and Content Strategy for Pandora.

“In the early 2000s as I was licensing to new digital platforms and then later when I joined the leading digital distribution platform of its time, IODA, I couldn’t imagine I would find myself, twenty years later, at a company like Revelator, whose tech stack blows the doors off everything I knew,” Masio reflects. “As we meld the last five years of our web3 development— five API’s that lay the groundwork for suite of tools, dapps, and software—into Revelator’s Pro platform, our frictionless management of digital assets and data on the blockchain will put Revelator miles ahead of any company, independent or otherwise, in the distribution and music-adjacent space.”

2022 was a boom year for Revelator, reflecting how the independent sector of the music business is growing more vibrant and lucrative. While the overall recorded music business grew about 6% worldwide according to the RIAA’s year-end revenue report, Revelator’s customers saw approximately 12x that jump in revenue. Deliveries to DSPs jumped 350% last year and Revelator’s royalty revenue from the distribution deals it administered increased by 10x. Much of the growth in deliveries and distribution can be attributed to emerging creator tools and services that allow users to produce and release tracks, start to finish. These include popular platforms like Artlist, a Revelator customer.

Further seizing the opportunity for organizational growth, Revelator has promoted Golda Bitterli  to VP of Sales and Noah Roth to Chief Commercial Officer, as well as tapping seasoned product development lead Miriam Lottner as VP of Customer Experience. Miriam comes from a tech and web3 background, previously leading product and game design as VP of Product at DeFi gaming startup XHUB and leading content and product development at Microsoft and BlackBerry before. Amram Ben-David also joins Revelator leadership as VP of Research and Development, harnessing over two decades of experience in software development.

“We’re looking forward to expanding the services we offer at Revelator as the music market expands,” notes Revelator CEO Bruno Guez. “Rich, Mimi, and Amram each bring incredible expertise to their roles and will play a crucial part in this endeavor.”


About Revelator
Revelator is a leading provider of business solutions for the music industry. Our all-inclusive music platform, API, protocol, and web3 infrastructure, enhances efficiency in financial reporting and simplifies royalty operations. We offer a wide range of services, including catalog management, digital distribution, income tracking, rights management, and business intelligence. By leveraging our innovative solutions, music businesses can easily navigate the evolving landscape and capitalize on new opportunities.


Revelator is the leading provider of digital IP infrastructure to music companies around the world.