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Richard Antwi Scholarship opens for 6th round with doubled fund including additional ‘London Living Wage’ stipend

Building an inclusive & equitable pipeline for Future Music Leaders + Alec Boateng and Taponeswa Mavunga champion scholarship with call to ‘Drop In’ at Open Day

London, 9th May 2023 The Richard Antwi Scholarship has opened for its 6th round today, with a call out for applications from future music industry leaders from underrepresented communities with the passion, drive and commitment to make a contribution to the music industry and who already hold an offer of a place on the Music Business Management MA course at University of Westminster.

The Music Business Management MA course first Open Day of 2023 needs no sign-up or registration and will be a ‘Drop In’ session taking place in person on Saturday 20th May 2023, 12pm-3pm at C1.52 – Small Lecture hall, 115 New Cavendish Street, University of Westminster, W1. More info at, course details and scholarship application form is here.  The deadline for scholarship applications is 30th June 2023.

Now in its 5th year, the Richard Antwi Scholarship has established itself as a trusted progression pathway into professional careers for young, aspiring music industry executives. Building a more inclusive and equitable pipeline into the industry for future leaders.  It is an annual award comprising full course fees, awarded in conjunction with the University of Westminster.

This year, through generous funding from Universal Music UK, Universal Publishing UK, Sony Music UK and Sony Music Publishing UK, it offers an additional a new ‘London Living Wage Stipend’ to cover the higher current cost of living and studying in London. This will include a bursary and stipend that totals £22,000, plus mentorship and assistance with work placement that will be aligned with the scholar’s professional focus and aspirations.  The 2023 scholarship pot is more than double the value of the 2022 scholarship, which was a bursary of £10,500. The course acts as a bridge between academic study, research, and the professional world of music business; preparing students to become the next generation of music industry leaders and entrepreneurs.

The scholarship’s Industry Champions and close friends of Richard Antwi, Alec Boateng (Co-President, 0207 Def Jam) and Taponeswa Mavunga (Director of Africa, Sony Music UK), are once again supporting the announcement to encourage ambitious talent who are ready to seize the opportunity to sign up now to the Course Open Day and find out more.

Alec Boateng (co-President, 0207 Def Jam) said: “Richard would be so proud of all that his scholarship has achieved, I just know if he was here he’d be mentoring each of the scholars. I’m really proud to still be supporting the Richard Antwi Scholarship, it continues to empower careers that are just beginning in the music business. Idris Green Holder, the Universal Music UK scholar is doing great in our label team, I love to see it. If you want to get support to study and receive all the funding and tools for a career as a music industry leader, then you need get to the open day and find out more!”

Taponeswa Mavunga (Director of Africa, Sony Music UK)
said “Every year when the scholarship opens for applications, I feel honoured to be asked to support it. I miss Richard so much and think of him often, but I am glad to be connected to and support his legacy. This year, it’s great to see an even bigger pot of funding available to support a young person studying in London at this time, and I’m really happy that Sony Music UK are among the funders. It shows Richard’s influence and how much affection there is for him and what the scholarship represents. I urge anyone interested to get down to the open day, it could change your life.

Phillip Antwi said: “It has been seven years since Richard’s passing, and I am endlessly blown away by seeing his legacy and vision still alive and making a difference through his Scholarship. My family and I are humbled to see that Richard’s scholarship stays true to its purpose and now opens for its sixth round. It allows us not only to honour and pay tribute to my very special brother and his values, but also to help bring about a more equitable industry for underrepresented young talent with all the drive and ambition, but not the access and opportunities they so deserve. There is still a clear need for the scholarship, and in the current economic climate, more funding was needed for a young person to live in London, especially those from low income backgrounds which are the hardest hit. So huge thanks to all our generous funders who have enabled us to offer the new ‘London Living Wage’ stipend. We know that Richard would love to see the industry careers that have been forged by the scholarship.”

The scholarship was created in 2016, following the sudden passing of hugely respected industry lawyer, manager and entrepreneur Richard Antwi, who had contributed to the Music Business Management MA course on numerous occasions as a guest lecturer.  Richard’s passing caused an outpouring of goodwill from family, friends and many of the sector’s creators and shapers, who were close to Richard and experienced his support and counsel directly. The scholarship continues through the tireless dedication of a team of respected industry professionals who have shown an unwavering commitment to championing next generation talent. The first scholar was awarded in 2018 and 2023 will see the 6th scholar receive funding to continue Richard’s incredible legacy of supporting and enabling young, exceptional talent, with sharp instincts and ambition to fulfil their potential, find their career pathway. 2023 is set to be ever more competitive, with a burgeoning talent pool of excellence from black and ethnically diverse backgrounds.

2022 saw the scholarship award a full bursary to Janelle Mitchell, a London-based DJ and emerging music executive at Believe. Meanwhile in 2021, to counter the hiatus caused by the pandemic, a scholarship was awarded to two exceptionally talented scholars Shanice Edwards and Idris Green Holder, the former now works at Sony Music and the latter received a scholarship supported by Universal Music UK and is now working at 0207 Def Jam. Previous scholars include inaugural recipient Jojo Mukeza (2018), Esther Bokuma (2019) who has now joined the Scholarship team, as well as associate scholars, Daniel Beckley and Isatta Sheriff.

Esther Bokuma, 2019 scholar, said “The Richard Antwi Scholarship was a real investment into my education, my professional network and most importantly my confidence as a young Black woman navigating the music business. It encouraged me to explore different aspects of the industry, as well as hone in on what was unique about my voice and what I had to offer not only as an Artist, but as an industry professional. For those who want to accelerate their career in music, come to the Open Day to find out more about the Masters and how to apply for the scholarship!”

Idris Green-Holder, 2021 scholar, saidThe Richard Antwi Scholarship helped to give me a visibility within the music industry would have been extremely hard to attain without years of experience. Opening doors and giving me opportunities that have given my career a boost that is hard to measure for its impact on my life.”

Janelle Mitchell, 2022 scholar said “The Richard Antwi scholarship has been completely life-changing and I haven’t even finished the course yet. The amount of knowledge and networking opportunities that I have been exposed to have been so valuable to my development and I’m so excited to embark on the next chapter of my career once I graduate.”


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Notes to Editors:

  • Image left to right: Isatta Sheriff (associate scholar), Idris Green-Holder (scholar, 2021), Daniel Beckley (associate scholar), Janelle Mitchell (scholar 2022), Shanice Edwards (scholar 2021), Esther Bokuma (scholar 2019), photographer: Sam Edrisi
  • About The Richard Antwi Scholarship team – The scholarship is run by a team who work on a voluntary basis: Phillip Antwi, Will Bloomfield, Sally Anne Gross (Reader Music Business, Music Business Management MA, University of Westminster), Alex Hannaby (Big Machine Label Group), Paul Heard (musician, composer), Richard Hoare (Hoare Associates) and Esther Bokuma (Richard Antwi Scholar). The team has committed to preserving the legacy of Richard’s kindness, strength and compassion, and the discipline with which he marked his life’s work.
  • How to apply for the Richard Antwi Scholarship – The scholarship’s aim is to support Black and minority ethnic students living in the UK. All applicants must first hold an offer of a place on the MA Music Business Management course. For more detailed information on the application and selection processes, and full terms, course details are here. Deadline for scholarship applications is 30th June 2023.
  • About Richard Antwi – Richard was a much-loved and widely respected music manager, lawyer and entrepreneur. Always ahead of the curve with sharp instincts, great ears… and a handsome smile! As Carl Fysh succinctly put it ‘Richard was quietly at the centre of everything’. Of Ghanaian heritage, Richard’s back story was written in North West London, progressing from a state comprehensive to study law at Oxford University, before embarking on a successful career which saw him play pivotal roles in the ascendance of many of the artists and executives currently making moves and running major organisations in the UK. The breadth of Richard’s support for others became abundantly clear when he passed so suddenly in 2016. The affection and respect in which he was held by so many people across the music industry and beyond, manifested in a desire to channel this goodwill and honour him in a way that captures and continues his legacy.
  • With thanks to scholarship funders: Universal Music UK, Universal Publishing UK, Sony Music UK and Sony Music Publishing UK.
  • Previous scholarship funders have included all three UK major record labels, music publishers, and several of the top independent music companies and music law firms including: XL Records, Beggars Group, Young, Clintons, Hoare Associates and Modest! Management.


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