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Sentric launches fund for emerging artists

The Sentric Academy Fund will support 12 artists each year

Liverpool, 9th December 2019 Sentric Music Group has launched a fund for artists based on the company’s popular recurring blog post that asks some of the music industry’s brightest minds what they would do with a £1,000 budget as an emerging artist.

The Sentric Academy Fund will support 12 artists per year, beginning in 2020, with up to £1,000 each for all areas of their work including writing, recording, touring and marketing.

The artists will be able to decide how they spend the funding to further their careers.

Submissions for the first round of funding are now open until midnight on 31 January 2020. The fund will be open for submissions for two months every quarter going forward.

Artists can apply directly through their account at

The first artists to receive support will be announced in March 2020.

On three separate occasions now – firstly in 2014, then in 2017 and 2019 – Sentric has asked the music industry to complete the sentence, “If I was an emerging artist and I had £1,000 to spend then…”

Over the years, the resulting blog post has offered new artists invaluable advice and insight from top industry insiders across a range of companies including Live Nation, Soundcloud, ITB, TuneCore, the BBC and more.

Sentric Artist Services Manager James Cherry said: “We’re really excited to launch The Sentric Academy Fund. Support for emerging artists is hard to come by and we’re keen to try and combat that. We want to enable artists to make music their full-time career and, with the right plan, this funding can be a stepping stone towards that.”

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