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SONO Music announces butterfly sans, the new single by Salads

"KID ON THE RADAR", pop punk! A 20-year-old musician released a follow-up single after the success of "Drug Dealer!". The new song, explores a different aspect of pop punk, while yet being as catchy, aggressive, and punk as the last one.

Epsom, United Kingdom, 9th January 2023 Release Date: 2022-12-16
Check out butterfly sans here:

Deeply entwined with his music, Patty Salads’ need to examine his earlier childhood traumas emerges brutally in this new POLISHED punk record. His captivating beats then become the perfect means to “tie it all together” and navigate his labyrinthine past. Here’s why the rhythms and sounds that he only discovered after hours of minute modifications in the strive for perfection have such an obsessive significance.

Salads commented: “I can’t wait for the world to hear this, I love you – I hope you love this song as much as i do.”

Salads Bio

Patty also known as PattySalads due to his stage name “Salads”, combines pop, punk, rap, and alternative music in a genre-bending way that pays homage to his pop-punk beginnings. All of this, along with musical influences he discovered while growing up in Bangkok, Thailand. Soon he was forced to move to the outskirts of London and stay in a Christian boarding school throughout his primary and most of his secondary years. He moved back to Thailand and dropped out one year before graduation while he was attending a film course in Fullerton, California. Finally, he moved back to Epsom, London. In his musical project, PattySalads combines various production, sounds, and genres from his influences while using intimate lyrics to share relatable tales of love, grief, addiction, and recovery.

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