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SONO Music announces The Song, the new Single by Huess

Huess announces a new single coming in February 2023. 'The Song' comes hot on the heels of his debut album 'While I Was Waiting', inducing a thoughtful mood via characteristic electronic experimentation and rhythms - think Harmonia remixed by Metro Boomin'. This is music to get lost in and, hopefully, where you can find yourself again.

Southampton, United Kingdom, 6th January 2023 Release Date: 2022-02-04
Check out The Song here:

Huess had been on the UK beat-making scene for a long time when he abruptly dropped out of making music in 2014 following a personal tragedy. But, as the pandemic ended, it felt like the proper time to return to it as a means of healing. His approach to music-making is motivated as much by his admiration for the artists he reveres as by sonic and rhythmic experimentation. He draws inspiration from a wide range of music, including electronic pioneers like Laurie Spiegel and Klaus Schulze as well as Krautrock, electronica, and sample-based hip hop. The Song’ takes its tempo and beat patterns from trap music and overlays analog synth improvisations to create a mesmerizing atmosphere.

Huess commented:
“A reviewer recently described my music as “trap-trance”. I didn’t, and still don’t, know exactly what they meant but this tune represents me trying to figure out what that might sound like. I’ve always loved the sound of experimental electronic artists like Harmonia, Klaus Schulze, Laurie Spiegel, Kraftwerk but also find the deep kick drum, crisp snares and hi-hat sound of trap completely addictive. Melding the two sounds seemed logical. The main synth melodies come from overdubbing multiple improvisations to create sounds that meander and sometimes wander off while the sub-base pulses along in the background. Music for me is about taking yourself into a different place and I’d like to think ‘The Song’ is somewhere people would like to go.”

Huess Bio

Musician and beatmaker based in the UK. My music reflects my catholic tastes through experimental early electronica, German alt-rock, ambient but mostly instrumental and experimental hip hop with an electronic edge. Standing on the shoulders of legends like the Dust Brothers, J-Swift, Dilla, DJ Shadow, Madlib, Prefuse 73, Boards of Canada, Clams Casino, Arca, Bullion…

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