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SONO Music announces With my thoughts and the atmosphere, the new Single by J L

J L has returned with a new single, an alternative rock with pop influences, after a two-year hiatus.

Santa Rosa City, Philippines, 21st January 2023 Santa Rosa City, Philippines
J L has returned with a new single, an alternative rock with pop influences, after a two-year hiatus.

Release Date: 2023-02-03
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After a lengthy hiatus, J L has decided to release a brand-new song that he produced himself and has never done before: a song about daydreaming and the desire to ignore the outer world while remaining within one’s head. He’s been listening to a lot of rock music lately, which is what inspired him to write this new song. He enjoyed making it, but because he had never created music in this way before, he found the process to be quite intriguing.

J L commented: “hope the listeners will enjoy listening to this. This is a whole new sound, but I made it my own. Because I’ve been listening to so much rock lately—and, to be honest, any music with live instruments—I might stay in this genre for a while. However, I do hope they enjoy it! POG.”

J L Bio

J L is an alternative/indie musician who records in his bedroom using a cheap microphone and an outdated laptop. Began as a beat-maker and is currently a recording artist. His hit tune is called Summertime.

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