Soundplate Launches New Tool for Artists -

Introducing Music Tickers, animations to share streaming stats and career milestones.

London, UK, 17th September 2023


Introducing Music Tickers, animations to share streaming stats, from Soundplate

Established music technology company Soundplate have today officially announced their newest product, Music Tickers, designed to support music creators to share and celebrate their successes. Music Tickers is an artful approach to showcasing streaming numbers, allowing musicians to easily create beautiful animated GIFs or videos  to share their stats on all social media platforms.

All Music Tickers subscribers will be able to create and export unlimited animations to share their streaming stats and career milestones with their fans.

Unlike other record labels, Soundplate champion not only their signed acts, but also musicians around the world, from bedroom DJs to touring stars. With their new product, Music Tickers, they are combining their love for musicians with the power of social media, to help music creators everywhere to share and celebrate their successes. 

Founder Matt Benn says:
“We really wanted to create something accessible and beautiful, for musicians everywhere to boost their engagement with fans old and new.”

The cost of the annual subscription is only $15.99, enabling all music creators to access this new product from Soundplate. 


About Soundplate

Soundplate is a record label and music technology company. 

Their technology products, including Soundplate Clicks, a platform for creating music smart links, and their free playlist submission platform are used by thousands of artists and labels every day. 

Soundplate Records have been proudly releasing music- spanning house/electronic, alternative pop and LoFi beats- for a decade. This gives the company a true understanding of the challenges facing independent artists and labels. A music tech company, created and owned by an independent music company!


Record Label & Music Technology Company.