God Speed Records

St. Louis hip-hop artist Save Ferris to release new single 'Shine'

Following his last single "Suburbia"

St. Louis Missouri, 17th August 2022

God Speed recording-artist, Save Ferris, relives his rebellious younger years riddled with substance abuse, emotionally unavailable relationships, and finding the silver lining through very dark flaws in his fifth single, “Shine.”

The St. Louis rapper rapper / producer Save Ferris  teams up with Baton Rouge vocalist, Kay Lashea, over a rich instrumental produced by the St. Louis native. The song shows growth and accountability for being oblivious to his self-sabotaging ways. The verses are a laidback and calming approach to rapping out the teen years of Ferris’ life. Laced with clever wordplay in a casual nostalgic tone.

Almost as if he’s thinking aloud to the listener with the emotional & intimate delivery  of the verses. The hook is a reminiscent reckoning that acknowledges time waiting for no one, yet it’s never too late to take the time to acknowledge your past mistakes. Never too late to shine moving forward.

Stream “Shine” by Save Ferris on your next night drive through whatever city that raised you to find comfort in who you are aside from worldly desires and temporary influences.