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St. Louis Native Save Ferris to Release New Single 'Suburbia'

Following his last single "Lemonade"

St. Louis Missouri, 1st June 2022 The song Suburbia is the fourth single of the upcoming St. Louis Hip-Hop artist and record producer Save Ferris. Following up his last single Lemonade. Ferris is most notable for working with artists such as Lil B that co-signed the artist and became quite the sensation. The St. Louis native continues to show why he is a strong force in today’s Hip-Hop scene. Known for his simplicity in story telling and classic self-production, “Suburbia” has grown to become a fan favorite since its initial release on Friday 5/10/22.  

Save Ferris on writing Suburbia:  

“Suburbia is talking about the double lives that people in the upper class live. I watched this video on my phone of a depressed person in a psych ward in the 1960’s and it was so heartbreaking. She had caught her husband having an affair and just put her in a state of depression, but society then was so different that people really labeled you as crazy for not feeling happy all the time” – Save Ferris

The track also samples clips of the political activist of the 60’s and 70’s Abbie Hoffman of the Chicago Seven. Known for making strides in expanding the minds of young generations.