Standing Tall – The new album and single from Paul Fox

The eclectic singer songwriter releases his ambitious new album – and its title single – on the same day.

London, 16th June 2023


Release Date: 16 June 2023

Digital Album

Stream: https://ffm.to/standingtall



The eclectic singer songwriter releases his ambitious new album – and its title single – on the same day.

Experimental and prolific singer songwriter Paul Fox releases his new album Standing Tall, on June 16th. It’s an ambitious, socially conscious work, packed with guest collaborations sourced from across the globe.

From his beginnings in UK sound system Roots Reggae, Fox has become a genre-fluid artist, while staying true to his ethical and musical roots. Standing Tall moves seamlessly between reggae, dancehall, rock, pop, rap and other styles. It’s the continuation of a journey that began four years ago.

“In 2019 I released an album called ‘Imaginary Lines’ which represented an escape from following ‘imaginary’ rules about making reggae music” says Paul of the new project’s lineage. “Since that release I avoid worrying about how my music ‘should’ sound and just create music I want to listen to. The new album, Standing Tall, is an extension of this. It has many different flavours incorporating roots reggae, rap, dancehall and so on. I’ve also enjoyed collaborating with different artists from around the world.”

The many and varied guests on Standing Tall, none of whom Paul has met in person, were all contacted online because Paul liked their sound. Nigerian singer Skeffi lends her soothing vocals to the album’s communal opener, No Man Is An Island and the gently urgent No Time Like Today. Jamaica’s mysterious Ann Ominous guests on the optimistic A Better Tomorrow, while conscious dancehall artist FireVerse chants on the global lament ‘World We Living In’. Los Angeles rapper Julisa adds her characterful voice and lyrical dexterity to reggae/hip hop fusion Justice For The People. Netherlands-based Tillie Gya’s gritty vocals contrast with Paul’s spiritual singing on the searing commentary of Falling Down. Nigeria’s Adam Zeria gives a yearning sense of hope to the deeply sincere and empathetic ‘Run Run Run’. South Africa’s Lehlogonolo Seodisha provides a heavy hit of emotion on penultimate track ‘Tell Me Why’.

“This is definitely my favourite album so far” says Paul of the end result. “It features a lot of collaborations with international artists which keeps things very interesting for the listener.”

The June 16th album release combines with the issue of third single, and title track, Standing Tall. One of two songs on the project to feature the delicate yet powerful vocals of Jamaica’s FireVerse, Standing Tall is a 2000s dancehall-influenced anthem of resilience. Like several songs on the album, it includes keyboard work from the talented Antonio Rodriguez.

“I wanted to write an uplifting song about never giving up, overcoming obstacles and not letting anyone take away your spirit” says Paul. “I felt that the song and instrumentation sounded great but there was something missing, so I contacted FireVerse to feature in the chorus. That was the final piece of this musical puzzle that turned it into a complete song.”

Standing Tall, both album and single, are out on June 16th. The single is accompanied by its striking and atmospheric video which premiered on Reggaeville.

See the video here: https://www.reggaeville.com/artist-details/reggaeville/videos/video/paul-fox-feat-fireverse-standing-tall/ 



  1. No Man Is An Island ft Skeffi
  2. A Better Tomorrow ft Ann Ominous
  3. Standing Tall ft FireVerse
  4. Circles
  5. Justice For The People ft Julisa
  6. No Time Like Today ft Skeffi
  7. World We Living In ft FireVerse
  8. Falling Down ft Tillie Gya
  9. We Chant
  10. Run Run Run ft Adam Zeria
  11. Tell Me Why ft Lehlogonolo Seodisha
  12. Standing Tall Acoustic









Single Title: Standing Tall

Artist: Paul Fox & FireVerse

Producer:  Paul Fox

Label: Sound Business

Composers:  Paul Fox / FireVerse

Musicians: Paul Fox, Antonio Rodriguez

Engineer: Paul Fox

ISRC Code for single: QZK6P2325916

Distributor: DistroKid

Explicit/Clean: Clean

Release Date: 16 June 2023

Public Album Streaming Link: https://ffm.to/standingtall



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