Swedish tech startup, Staccs, strikes deal to offer Samsung TV Plus users free access to new Staccs TV channel

Staccs TV channel will air short trailers from its premium streaming platform for concert video and music documentaries. With the agreement covering Sweden, Samsung Plus users can access Staccs TV on channel 4705 and on ​​.

London, 25th October 2022 Swedish tech startup, Staccs, has agreed a deal with Samsung TV Plus for its new TV channel for concert video and music documentaries. Launched in the Nordics and the Baltic states last year, Staccs provides fans the opportunity to relive their favourite concerts, on demand, advert free – and in the highest quality possible. Following the success of the platform, the company has recently launched Staccs TV to provide music fans a glimpse into the vast and unique music content that is available from its streaming service. The new deal means that Samsung TV Plus users in Sweden now have free access to Staccs TV for a limited time.

Samsung TV Plus is an entertainment hub offering thousands of movies and TV shows, available to watch live and on-demand, on select Samsung Smart TVs and Galaxy devices, at no cost. The new agreement will allow music fans to unlock and enjoy snippets of unique material on Staccs TV such as documentaries, concerts and interviews with their favourite artists and bands, as well as exclusive Staccs Originals content. Fans can expect programming from a mixed genre of music including rock, pop, punk and metal artists from across the world. The channel will be available via Samsung TV Plus in Sweden for a limited time, but dedicated music fans can opt to subscribe to the main Staccs platform at any time, opening full access to the premium home of concerts and music content on-demand at the click of a button.

Staccs’ unique user-centric model opens up commercial opportunities for the music industry and Staccs TV is just one way in which rights holders will benefit from licensing their content on the platform. By providing Samsung TV  Plus users a glimpse of the extraordinary content available, Staccs aims to increase subscribers to its full service who will be encouraged to see more – and therefore benefitting rights holders further with an increased user base. The agreement will support the future platform and market expansion plans Staccs is gearing towards. 

Sofia Stefanovic, Marketing Manager at Staccs, said: “We’re excited to secure this deal with Samsung as it gives us access to a new audience and enables us to showcase our exceptional programming to more music fans across Sweden. Consumer interest is at an all time high with the live music industry seeing a record number of bookings for next year and although the large players in the streaming industry have made advancements in terms of their offering, we see a unique opportunity for artists and the Staccs platform to reach fans through TV. This partnership is an important stepping stone to being recognised as the unrivalled home for concerts and music content on demand, as Samsung Plus TV users will be able to join our growing platform easily, through the click of a button.”

Having launched last year, Staccs is building the world’s greatest concert catalogue in history, which streams longform audio visual and music documentaries to a premium standard. 

The streaming service is available for any device and screen size, allowing the fan to watch on the go, in any format, whether it be on a mobile device, or in the comfort of their home synced up to a web browser. Details of a UK launch will be shared later.

The new home for concerts on demand, Staccs is set to offer music fans the opportunity to relive their favourite concert moments. For more information, head to



Staccs is a Stockholm based streaming service created by and for music enthusiasts, offering a big catalogue of hundreds of live concerts and music documentaries.