SyncVault Launches First Music Promo Platform for YouTube Shorts

Over 300 artists and labels including Killing Moon, Good Soldier and Fabyl have run campaigns in beta. Influencers signed up include Viole Franco, Álex Segura LR, Johnny FD, Simply Klaire and Mermaid Torie

London, 1st October 2021 SyncVault, a music promotion platform which offers influencers the first means to monetise YouTube Shorts, has launched at Liverpool Sound City. 

 The service incentivises Shorts influencers and those using YouTube’s main platform to promote new music by rewarding them for featuring tracks in their content.

Tracks are offered with all rights cleared, and influencers paid on a variable CPM rate (per thousand views) for promoting those tracks within a set campaign period.

The platform launched in beta in January and now boasts over 3,000 verified YouTubers reaching over 37 million subscribers. It offers the first direct monetisation for influencers operating on YouTube Shorts (15 billion daily views), the only other revenue stream being YouTube’s own ‘Shorts Fund’ for top creators.

SyncVault CEO Graham Gabie has spent over 30 years in the business spearheading music technology in digital rights management and royalty collection for companies including Universal, Sony, and BMG.  Said Gabie: “YouTube is the number one site in the world for music discovery, yet artists and labels struggle to formulate an effective YouTube strategy, which is where we come in. During our test phase, we’ve already benefited hundreds of new and established artists such as Draper, Tiggi Hawke and Cedric Gervais x Franklin”. 

Killing Moon Managing Director, Achal Dhillon commented: “The SyncVault campaigns contributed to us gaining traction and new opportunities for our artists, such as Draper and Maud as early adopters of the service, and have been extremely helpful in terms of extending the release shelf-life and reach. The model works and makes budgeting for a campaign element affordable and the work ethic makes the campaign results and numbers reliable and guaranteed. Would highly recommend this as a viable option for both new and established artists”. 

YouTube creator, Johnny FD, added: “As a YouTube content creator, discovering SyncVault has been a blessing! I used to spend hours sorting through old worn-out tracks just to find a usable piece of royalty-free music. Now I simply go to SyncVault, listen to a few new hits, and choose one. My viewers have even thanked me for introducing them to new music and artists.”

SyncVault expects its community to reach over 10,000 by the end of the year.  

SyncVault will launch this weekend a showcase at Liverpool Sound City championing a selection of up-and-coming artists using the platform including Alice Pisano, VOODOOS, The Clockworks, Albion, and SyncVault Community competition winner, Danelia.  The showcase takes place at the Shipping Forecast on Saturday 2 October.

The company has been named ‘One to Watch’ in CreaTech’s Top 100 Technology Companies 2021 list.


SyncVault is the world’s first platform that provides labels and artists with the ability to mass market their new releases through its dedicated Influencer community to millions of viewers on YouTube. SyncVault has been named ‘One to Watch’ in CreaTech’s Top 100 Technology Companies 2021 list.