The Finnish crowdfunding platform, Eventual, aims to revolutionise the live event industry

Eventual is a brand new marketplace for events where artists, promoters, venues and audience members are able to create and curate their own events.

Helsinki, Finland , 24th November 2021 The Helsinki-based start-up, Eventual, has launched an online platform that aims to make live events possible again. This new service enables people to set up events for the artists they love and invite them to perform in a specific city. This way, Eventual turns the public into the ultimate decision-maker and amplifies people’s voices in their local cultural scene.

The users take responsibility for the event they want to bring to life by ensuring it gets all the support it needs. The new platform works as a complete solution for event planning; from campaigning for artists and spreading the word all over the media, to tickets management and selling, therefore keeping costs as low as possible for its users. Eventual is currently exploring and expanding its services to other markets across Europe. “We now pilot the service across Finland, but we want to be an international player. This service has tremendous potential from the perspective of performers, event producers, gig sellers as well as consumers. In our view, consumers will be even less interested in physical products in the future, so more time and money are likely to be spent on events and culture”, says Miia Khan, CEO and Co-founder of Eventual.

Before the pandemic, the industry provided jobs and income security for millions of people around the world, but now the industry has plunged into a deep crisis. However, Eventual believes that crises are the compelling forces of change that lead to new solutions, and we want to encourage people to incite a cultural renaissance. “Events and culture enrich our lives and fill us up with amazing experiences while providing work for both performers, and entire teams that turn events into realities. We believe in the future of a diverse cultural spectrum and events revolution”, continues Khan.


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