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The Music Federation launches TMF Advances & TMF Merch

6 months after their launch, The Music Federation is proud to announce its latest business development TMF Advances & TMF Merch.

London, 29th April 2022 “If you can denote a value on a release at release level, you can absolutely attach a service of a certain financial value to that release as well” – Achal Dhillon (The Music Federation / interview with Independent Music Insider)

6 months after their launch, The Music Federation is proud to announce its latest business development TMF Advances & TMF Merch. As the Independent Music Insider explains, ‘with the announcement of TMF Advances, independent operators that want to invest in artists or any part of their catalogues and music rights generally, have a tool that allows them to ascertain the current value of an asset, estimate ROI and offer an advance accordingly’.

Powered by chordCash, the service determines ROI for any particular catalogue of musical works based on data taken through APIs across DSPs. This in turn allows access to a fund for TMF members through the chordCash deal. Not limited to music DSPs, TMF advances can also be issued against A-V rights.

The Music Federation and beatBread are natural dancing partners to usher in the next generation of independent artists and music business. By jointly creating The Music Federation Advances using beatBread’s chordCash product, we are enabling The Music Federation and its diverse membership to access BeatBread’s funding, for the purpose of signing catalogue and/or other future releases by incoming artists.  We have created a real, tangible alternative to current financing and release models for emerging and independent artists, as well as ongoing support for sound financial planning for artists throughout by taking the guesswork out of the ROI considerations in funding against streaming income” – Peter S (Beatbread)

TMF has also partnered with Fanbace, with future product development plans to automate merchandise sales digitally, and at points of sale at their member’s live events.

“It’s a great pleasure to be partnering with TMF as their Merch solution provider. To be part of the new music industry, providing the TMF community access to new ways of creating sustainable revenue is really exciting. Achal and the team at TMF, like Fanbace, are using best in class tech and partners to remove the traditional barriers to entry and enabling the next generation of the music industry. We look forward to working and growing with the TMF team and wider community in the months and years to come” – Mark Ryan (Fanbace)

When we launched The Music Federation at the end of August 2021, we quite righteously did so under the banner of community and sharing skills and knowledge. At the time, outside of narrative alone, we admittedly still found it quite difficult differentiating ourselves from our competitors as to what is actually unique about The Music Federation. I realise now that a lot of people were essentially taking my word for the technological product builds that I promised would be deployed to the membership in a matter of months. Well, it took a bit longer, and I think that’s because in 2021, we didn’t actually realise the potential of what we had started here beyond the ways we work and account to our members. Myself and the staff have undergone a number of personal and professional changes to bring us to this point, whereby we are about to deploy to our membership our first automated tools designed to remove the sheer plethora of administrative, contractual and intellectual property hurdles that are involved in running a music business day-to-day: TMF Advances and TMF Merch respectively. As we embark on our first-ever funding round, I’m delighted that not only sales by way of increasing to just over 60 members in the first 6 months have been shown, but the proof of concept by virtue of third parties deploying their money and resource into The Music Federation is also front and centre of our business development. The trick with us is that there is no trick. We are fast on our way to becoming the first truly holistic operating system for the independent sector” – Achal Dhillon (CEO, The Music Federation)

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