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The Music Federation Partners With The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance

The Music Federation is partnering with The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance to Match Music Industry Mentors With Students From Under-Represented Backgrounds

London, 3rd February 2022 The Music Federation is thrilled to share the news of its recent partnership with ICMP. The Industry Mentoring Scheme is designed to match final year degree students at ICMP with industry professionals working in their areas of interest to provide mentoring during their final Semester. Successful applicants to the programme would receive expert guidance and feedback from industry professionals as well as a chance to build their professional networks – a chance to ‘kickstart’ their careers.


All applicants to the scheme must meet the criteria stated in ICMP’s Access and Participation Plan which is designed to help those from under-represented groups build their careers. Government funding is made available to ICMP to support students matching these criteria and is being utilised to fund this scheme.


What are the responsibilities of a mentor?

Mentors are required to provide a total of 10 hours of mentoring between the dates of the

programme for which they will be reimbursed at the end of the scheme by ICMP upon submission of an invoice for services. All mentoring will take place remotely with the format and timings of sessions agreed by mentors and mentees in their initial meeting along with the specific areas of development mentees are looking for advice and guidance around.

Further information on mentoring is provided in the Industry Mentor Guide.


What support will ICMP provide mentors?

The Careers & Industry Hub will interview all applicants to the Industry Mentoring Scheme to

confirm their suitability for the scheme before matching them with Industry Mentors based on areas of interest. Training on how to mentor will be provided to both mentors and mentees ahead of the start of the scheme and support will be available before, during and after the mentoring period from Careers & Employability Manager, Oliver Tatler.


What are the next steps?

To register your interest as a mentor, please complete this form.

Please note that matches are made on a bespoke basis and based on the areas of interest, skills and experience of the applicants to this programme. We therefore can’t guarantee that the applicant for this programme will automatically be matched for all mentors interested in joining this scheme in order to preserve the quality of the experience for both students and the host company. However, the Careers & Industry Hub has a range of services and events which you might be additionally interested in engaging with which we will approach you with further details if interested. 

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