The Production Music Awards

The Production Music Awards reveals 2023 winners: the best music libraries, composers and syncs in the business

Winners honoured on the night in 25 categories across Composition and Sync strands, including Toya Delazy taking the coveted Best Newcomer award

London, 21st November 2023 The Production Music Awards—celebrating exceptional production music libraries and composers—announced the winners of its 2023 cohort at a ceremony last night, November 20, at its all-new event in London’s Here Outernet venue. It marked the biggest year in its history, showcasing modern production music’s depth and quality to the wider sync and media industries.

Hosting influential figures in the production music and sync industries from libraries, composers, music rights and royalty companies and music supervisors, the night hosted by Huw Stephens welcomed 350 guests in celebration of the flourishing international production music industry, recognising the best work of the last year and honouring winners in 25 categories across Composition and Sync strands.

A record number of entries called for an expanded expert judging panel with 40 renowned executives across Sync, Ad Agency, TV Channels, Trailers and Production, selecting outstanding work from music libraries from all over the world.

Among the winners, the coveted Best Newcomer award, sponsored by PRS For Music, went to electronic music artist and ‘Mother of Afrorave’ Toya Delazy, ‘A bold and visionary artist, whose unique writing style has gone down a treat with sync clients internationally, Toya is an inspiration to those who seek to forge their own identity’.

Winning Sync strand entries featured in the likes of the Aftersun movie trailer starring actor Paul Mescal, BBC Autumn Watch, sports promo for the FIFA Women’s World Cup qualifiers, the Netflix trailer for Emmy-winning animated anthology Love Death + Robots Volume 3, a scene in Catherine Tate’s Netflix mockumentary sitcom Hard Cell, and advertising spots for brands including La Mer and Velveeta.

Richard Canavan, Founder of the Production Music Awards, says:

This year at our biggest event we are proud to gather as a community and spotlight the incredible work within modern production music across platforms, and the value that it brings to continue to enthral global audiences.

Thank you to everyone who has celebrated with us as we recognise the industry’s world-class talent and teams at this year’s awards event.


The full list of the Production Music Awards 2023 winners and nominees is as follows:


Track / Library / (Sub Publisher) / Composer(s)

Best Acoustic Pop / Rock Production Music Track 2023

* WINNER – ‘Heart Skips a Beat’, KPM Music. Composers: Andrew Peter Kingslow, Trina Smith.

‘Back To You’, BMG Production Music (At The Studios – Artists). Composer: Fiona Harte.

‘Fly With Me’, Extreme Music. Composer: Alyssa Bonagura.

‘Love At First Sight’, Standard Music Library. Composers: Dan McDougall, James Thompson.

‘Show Me’, Level 77 Music. Composers: Noni Culotta, Alex Cabrera, Jason Rudd, Bradley Prakope.

‘Tell ‘Em’, Bigger Story Music (BMG Production Music). Composers: Kara Greskovic, Ciel Eckard-Lee, Madi Cooper, Andrew Allen.

Best Ambient / Minimalist Production Music Track 2023

* WINNER – ‘Sorry Now’, Extreme Music. Composers: Joseph Andrew Banfi, Thomas Louis James White

‘Allegory of Time’, My Music Library. Composer: Thomas Toccafondi.

‘Colors of Emotions’, Infinity Scores (Cézame Music Agency). Composer: Dan Thiessen.

‘Imsdalen’, Freshtracks Music. Composer: Tord Stalheim Mortensen.

‘La Loba’, Frisson Music (JW Media Music). Composer: Jacob Connor.

‘Liquid Flore Remix’, Parigo. Composers: Sebastien Blanchon, Flore Morfin.

Best Christmas Production Music Track 2023

* WINNER – ‘North Pole Position’, Extreme Music. Composers: Adam Lukas, Bruno Carvalho De Oliveira.

‘I Miss You At Christmas’, Clear Wave Music (BMG Production Music). Composer: Steve Bush.

‘Sparkle Bells’, Machiavelli Music (Onetrackaday). Composer: Francesco Cerrato ‘Swing Little Bells’, Freshtracks Music. Composers: Gerard Gueudin, Letizia Morelli.

‘That’s The Magic Of Christmas’, Extreme Music. Composers: Jason Robert Mingo, Meaghan Mingo.

‘The Magic of Christmas’, de Wolfe Music. Composers: Dominik Johnson, Alex Tschallener, Jan Valta.

Best Contemporary Classical Production Music Track 2023

* WINNER – ‘Inner Passions’, Cavendish Music. Composer: Harry Lightfoot.

‘Against the World’, Audiomachine. Composer: Harry Lightfoot.

‘Dancing Echoes’, Infinity Scores (Cézame Music Agency). Composers: Thomas Duran, Gabriel Saban, Jérémy Dirat.

‘Highborn’, Universal Production Music (Nova Production Music). Composer: Bohdan Yeremenko.

‘Pasture Chef’, Extreme Music. Composer:  Kara Talve.

‘Precious Ending’, Infinity Scores (Cézame Music Agency). Composers: Gabriel Saban, Sandia.

Best Dance Production Music Track 2023

* WINNER – ‘Supernatural Power‘, Extreme Music. Composers: James Knight, Daniel Farrant, Nick Kingsley.

‘Balkan Fever’, Cézame Music Agency. Composer: Boris Yvan.

‘Bang! Bang!’, Raydia (Beacon Music). Composers: Matthew David Goodman, Melroy Carty.

‘Break It Loose’, Level 77 Music. Composers: Stanislav Palyvoda, Brian Johnson Jr, Patrick Avard, Anthony Arasi.

‘Cold Cold Heart’, KPM Music. Composers: Harry Clarke, Sarah Michelle Thompson.

‘Pull Up’, Felt Music. Composer: Innes Evans.

Best Electronic Production Music Track 2023

* WINNER – ‘Give Me A Sign’, Out/Standard. Composer: James King.

‘Feeling So Fresh’, Freshtracks Music. Composers: Luke Melville, Kellian Smyth, Max Bronco, Jimmy Kaleth, Callum Melville.

‘Head Keeps Throbbing’, BMG Production Music (Altitude Music). Composers: Justis Chanell Simpson, Stephen William Cornish.

‘Look At What You Do To Me’, Extreme Music. Composers: Alan Hardman, Peter Fraser, Kurt Karver.

‘We Just Wanna Get High’, Rhythm & Stealth (BMG Production Music). Composers: Chris Hollis, Josh Elgood.

‘Winner Takes It All’, Extreme Music. Composers:Manfred Edward Roovers, Rutger H G Clemens.

Best Folk Production Music Track 2023

* WINNER – ‘In Seattle’, Bigger Story Music (BMG Production Music). Composer: Lizzy McAvoy.

‘Gazing From Above’, Freshtracks Music. Composer: Roger Gascon Salvado.

Go ‘Slowly’, The Home of Happy (BMG Production Music). Composers: Barney Sebastian Rudkins-Stow, Hedda Roeste, Susanne Foelsvik Roennekleiv.

‘In the Middle of the Night’, MYMA Music. Composers: Nicolas Raynier, Aude Isorce.

‘It is You’, Cézame Music Agency. Composers: Penelope Antena, Jonathan Hodari.

‘Le Ballon Manouche’, Libzik. Composers: Sophie Raffin, Guillaume Perrin.

Best Hip Hop / Rap Production Music Track 2023

* WINNER – ‘Know my Name’, Infinity Scores (Cézame Music Agency). Composers: Lionel Fabert, Patrik Kabongo.

‘Next Level’, VideoHelper. Composer: William Werwath, Krysta Youngs.

‘Roll With It’, SATV Music.  Composer: John Ross, Joshua Melvin.

‘Too Cute’, 1107 Studios.  Composers: Kyrie Briana Chalmers, Henry Parsley.

‘Too Far Ahead’, London Sync.  Composers: Derrell Hill-Jervey, TJ Lion, Edward Swinburne, Melvin Brown.

‘Walker Mill Road’, KPM Music. Composers: Thomas James Caruana, Joel Vandroogenbroeck, Florian Voelxen.

Best Indie / Alternative Production Music Track 2023

* WINNER – ‘Wont Let U Go’, Raydia (Beacon Music). Composers: Emily Bjorke, John Bisset.

‘And What’, SATV Music. Composer: Charlie Harper.

‘Burns Like Fire’, Infinity Scores (Cézame Music Agency).  Composers: IDALIA, Sandia.

‘Get Gone’, Extreme Music. Composers: Jamie Hall, Clive Klinnen, Kurt Karver.

‘Mirror Ball’, Felt Music. Composers: Freddie Prest, Orville Paradis.

‘We Passed The Line’, Felt Music. Composer: Alyx Neve.

Best Jazz Production Music Track 2023

* WINNER – ‘Houston’, Retro Music Library (Universal Production Music). Composers: Robert Edward Bradley, Andrew Griffiths.

‘Hand Me Down’, Level 77 Music. Composer: James Driscoll.

‘Midnight Lullaby (Ft. Billy Valentine)’, Extreme Music. Composers: Dillon O Brian, Steven Lindsey.

‘Out of The Shadows’, London Sync. Composers: Idris Rahman, Robin Hopcraft.

‘Saxophone Soliloquy’, Gothic Storm Music (Warner Chappell Production Music).  Composers: Harry David George, William Lee Farmer.

‘The Night is Ours’, Cézame Music Agency (Cézame Trailers). Composers: Gregory Cotti, Gabriel Saban.

Best Pop Production Music Track 2023

* WINNER – ‘Say Nothing’, MYMA Music. Composers: Thomas Frinking, Jemma Johnson.

‘Call Me Back’, Bigger Story Music (BMG Production Music). Composers: Melodie Young, Andrew Allen, Ciel Eckard-Lee.

‘Coming Home’, Boost Music (BoostTV). Composers: Dire Pitan, Vincenzo Capodivento.

‘Like A Boss’, West One Music Group. Composer: Amy McKnight.

‘Melty Sugar’, Gothic Storm Music (Warner Chappell Production Music). Composer: Milkuro.

‘My Love’, MYMA Music.  Composers: Julien Cavard, Raphaël Nauleau, Edward Fasone.

Best Rock Production Music Track 2023

* WINNER – ‘Turning in Circles’, KPM Music. Composers: Dirk Steinberg, Figero Scripp, Juno Jane, Kiel Feher, Skip Armstrong.

‘Believe Ya’, Cézame Music Agency. Composers: Simon Peter Mcallen, Iain Michael Hutchison.

‘Forget My Name’, MYMA music. Composers: Loïc Ghanem, Kayelee Ayers.

‘Light It Up’, London Sync. Composers: Mark Willot, Christian Garrington, Michael Cates.

‘Poison’, SATV Music. Composers: Thomas Foley, Van Harley.

‘Under Your Skin’, Boost Music (Poke).  Composers: Tim Fleet, Lana McDonagh.

Best Score Production Music Track 2023

* WINNER – ‘Wicked Intensions’, Boost Music (Big Screen Music). Composer: Josh Wynter.

‘Alive’, Boost Music (Big Screen Music). Composers: Chris Elmslie, Hayley Watson.

‘Ladder of Dreams’, Cézame Music Agency. Composer: Antoine Glatard.

‘Lights, Camera, Action!’, KPM Music.  Composers: Adam Saunders, Mark Stephen Cousins.

‘Precious Time’, Alpha Music & Sound (Cézame Music Agency).  Composer: Lucas Napoleone.

‘Reach For The Stars’, VideoHelper. Composer: Saul Guanipa.

Best Soul / R&B Production Music Track 2023

* WINNER – ‘So Chic’, Extreme Music. Composers: Robbie Nevil, Orlando Lamonz Rowe .

‘Love The Way I Feel About You’, Standard Music Library. Composer: Geordan Reid-Campbell.

‘Ooh La La Love’, The Home of Happy (BMG Production Music). Composers: David John Parsons, Amy Caddies McKnight.

‘Original You’, The Home Of Happy (BMG Production Music). Composers: Holley Gray, Gavin Condor.

‘Sitting On Gold’, Extreme Music. Composers: Danny Farrant, Nick Kingsley, James Knight, Jai Amore.

‘There For Me’, Raydia (Beacon Music). Composers: Kimberly Anne Sutherland, Rhiannon Mair Gray.

Best Trailer Production Music Track 2023

* WINNER – ‘Facing Infinity’, Gothic Storm Music (Warner Chappell Production Music). Composer: Andrii Yefymov.

‘A Strong Volition’, Cézame Music Agency (Cézame Trailers). Composer: Gabriel Saban.

‘Cult’, Infinity Scores (Cézame Music Agency). Composer: Gabriel Saban.

‘Power of the Ancients’, VideoHelper. Composer: William Werwath.

‘The Monarch’, Audiomachine. Composers: Benjamin Knorr, Paul Dinletir.

‘There is Hope’, Cézame Music Agency (Cézame Trailers). Composer: Emmanuel Rousseau.

Best World Production Music Track 2023

* WINNER – ‘DANCE!’, West One Music Group. Composer: Hyung J Joe.

‘Amor Profundo’, JW Media Music.  Composers: Cameron McBride, Paul Cuddeford.

‘El Cumbión’, Extreme Music. Composer: Juan Francisco Fridman, Juan Pablo De Mendonca.

‘Infatuation (痴情)’, BMG Production Music (Selectracks Song Catalog) Composer: Nicky J. van der Lugt Melsert.

‘María Elena’, KPM Music.  Composer: Cubetta, Juancho Saavedra.

‘Woza (Ft. K4MO)’, Extreme Music. Composers: Toya Delazy, Raf Riley, Rui Jorge Marcal Vieira Lopes, Kamo K4mo.

Best Wildcard Production Music Track 2023

* WINNER – ‘Save Me’, BMG Production Music. Composer: Toon Habraken, Rebecca Felicitas Josephina Kreyenberg, Jesse Maasdam.

‘Evolutionary Leap’, VideoHelper. Composer: Saul Guanipa.

‘Falling Remix’, Myma Music. Composers: Quentin Travade, Louis Horhan.

‘Go Wild’, Level 77 Music. Composers: Stanislav Palyvoda, Brian Johnson Jr, Patrick Avard, Anthony Arasi.

‘Moi Je N’Aimerai Que Toi’, Parigo. Composer: Minimatic.

‘Whistleblower’, Audiomachine. Composers: Matthew Foundling, Stuart Roslyn.

Best Newcomer 2023

* WINNER – Toya Delazy, Extreme Music.

Elkae, West One Music Group.

Funky DL, KPM Music.

Khalysis, BMG Production Music.

Liam John Haygarth, 1107 Studios.

Richie Aikman, Audiomachine. //

SYNC 2023

Trailer or advert / Track / Library / (Sub Publisher) / Composer(s)

Best Use of Production Music in Television Advertising 2022

* WINNER – Velveeta: Life’s a Breeze – ‘Moonbird’, de Wolfe Music. Composer: Roger Webb.

Acura: Introducing the Acura Integra Type S – ‘Legends’ Extreme Music. Composers: Kevin John Risto, Waynne Nugent, Ade Rain Chang-Nugent, Chelson Mechale Strong, Maxton Arrott Waller.

Quorn: So Tasty Why Choose The Alternative? – ‘Le Mirage Tendre’, BMG Production Music (DnG). Composer: Frederique Corbin, Thierry Los.

Royal Match – ‘Dash Riddim’, KPM Music. Composer: Jamie Wilder, Johann Sebastian Bach.

Samsung: Galaxy Z Flip4 – ‘Good Vibes’, West One Music Group. Composers: Moa Munoz, Ryan Short.

Specsavers: How to Kiss – ‘Cheek To Cheek’, Extreme Music. Composer: Heinz Buchold.

Best Use of Production Music in Television Factual 2022

* WINNER – BBC Autumn Watch: Think About This – ‘Amazing Possibilities’, de Wolfe Music. Composer: Timothy Whitelaw.

BBC Slammed – ‘No Looking Back’, KPM Music. Composer: Adam Burns.

Coastguard: Every Second Counts – ‘End In Sight’, Narrative Mind. Composer: Daan Temmink.

Max Verstappen: Anatomy of a Champion – ‘Like Clockwork’, Extreme Music. Composers: Jacob Shea, Russell Emanuel.

Netflix: Sex, Blood & Royalty S1 Ep3 – ‘Chasing Down Gold’, Extreme Music. Composers: Daniel Farrant, James Knight, Romy Florin.

Race Across The World – ‘Magnificent Nature’, London Sync. Composer: Michael Burns.

Best Use of Production Music in a Sports Promo 2022

* WINNER – All Roads Lead Down Under – ‘Where Have You Been’, BMG Production Music (Must Save Jane). Composers: Victoria Beaumont, Ozzie Rodgers.

Football Focus – ‘Blast Off’, de Wolfe Music. Composer: Kieran Jones.

SUPERBOWL LVI – Super Gold Sunday – ‘The Heart of the Infinite’, Cézame Music Agency (Cézame Trailers). Composer: Brian Delgado, Gabriel Saban.

Women in Sport – Keep Up – ‘Gyal Dem’, SATV Music.  Composers: Charlie Tenku, Aina Westlye.

Best Use of Production Music in a Television Trailer 2022

* WINNER – Love Death and Robots Volume 3 – ‘Fur Elise Trailerized’, SATV Music. Composers: Daniel Burrows, Daniel Mallender, Thomas Hill.

Gangs of London Season 2 – ‘Lacrimosa Trailerized’, SATV Music. Composer: Jeremy Stack.

No Escape – ‘Wade In The Water’, BMG Production Music. Composers: Daniel Law Heath, Adrian the Faint.

Succession Season 4 – ‘Skit Remix’, Elephant Music. Composers: Sean Latino, Van Ghoste.

The Crossover – ‘Conquering your Fear’, Cézame Music Agency (Cézame Trailers).  Composer: Brian Delgado.

The Last of Us Episode 7 – ‘Awaiting Darkness’, West One Music. Composers: James Murray, Benjamin Hayden.

Best Use of Production Music in a Film Trailer 2022

* WINNER – Aftersun – ‘Memories Live On’, BMG Production Music (Altitude Music). Composers: Matthew John Hawken.

All That Breathes – ‘Transcendence’, VideoHelper. Composer: Saul Guanipa.

Beast – Goat, Elephant Music. Composer: Sam Cleeve.

Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery – ‘Manor’, Elephant Music. Composer: Richard Schrieber.

Smile – ‘The Grotto’, Audiomachine. Composers: Jina Hyojin An, Nicholas Steinbach, Paul Dinletir.

The Pod Generation – ‘Pixie Pizzicati’, Cézame Music Agency (Cézame Trailers). Composer: Sebastian Jakoby.

Best Use of Production Music in Digital / Online Advertising 2022

* WINNER – La Mer – ‘Awakening’, de Wolfe Music. Composer: Andy Quin.

Final Fantasy 16 x PS5 Innovation – ‘Ride to Glory’, KPM Music (Epic Storm). Composer: Aaron James Sapp.

Google Arts & Culture – Ballroom – ‘Jump And Wave Them Hands Around’, Extreme Music.  Composers: Sue Perpop, Phoebe Markowitz, Spencer Afari Neezey, Dilesh Haria.

Intimissimi – ‘Italian Love Song’, Machiavelli Music (Source In Sync).  Composer: Homer Greencastle.

L’Oréal – Valentine’s day, the Essentiality of Beauty – ‘The Wave of Success’, Cézame Music Agency.  Composers: Gabriel Saban, Philippe Briand.

Wilson Family Dinner – ‘Living in the Moment’, VideoHelper.  Composer: Saul Guanipa.

Best Use of Production Music in a Television Drama 2022

* WINNER – Netflix – Hard Cell – S1 Ep6 – ‘Final Teardrop’, Extreme Music. Composers: Rupert Pope, Giles Palmer, Eller.

Granite Harbour – ‘Get Ready To Run’, London Sync. Composer: Michael Burns.

Kleo S1 Ep2 – ‘Gevaert’, Parigo. Composer: Modulhater.

Larvae – ‘Cezar and his ghosts’, Machiavelli Music (Onetrackaday Artist Series). Composer: Francesco Cerrato.

Reign Suprem – Le Monde De Demain S1 Ep6 – ‘Rock It Up’, Parigo. Composer: The Real Fake MC.

Stranger Things Season 4 – ‘Quantum Deviations’, Gothic Storm (Warner Chappell Production Music). Composer: Andrii Yefymov. //


About the Production Music Awards
Founded in 2013 by composer Richard Canavan, the Production Music Awards has hosted a celebration of the community and its work through its annual event in London, England. With year-on-year growth, the 2023 event, held November 20, was its biggest ever – hosted at an increased capacity at London’s most innovative and exciting new venue Here at Outernet London, a premium, tech and music focussed, sought-after venue. Categories covered a range of genres and platforms across TV, film, and advertising.

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Further information

The 2022 Synchtank report, Communication Breakdown: Complexities and Solutions in Music Rights Clearance, recognises that the production music market has ‘grown substantially in the last 20 years, with particularly concentrated growth in the last decade’. Within this report, *Midia Research analysis (Music sync market forecast: Production libraries raise the pitch, July 2022) suggests that the production music sector is estimated to be worth $1bn+ across recorded music and publishing and that during the pandemic production music libraries grew revenue.

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