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Tomás Releases New Single ‘Não Tenhas Medo’ and Official VEVO Video

Tomás premiered at the end of the afternoon, on YouTube, the official music video for 'Não Tenhas Medo' through VEVO, debut single with the renowned record label BUY-RECORDS.

Portugal, 11th February 2022 The new song, which is already available on more than 120 digital platforms with distribution in charge of the renowned distributor SINFONIASUBLIME, exposes a theme about equality and explains that whoever we are and where we come from; the class, opinions, race, colour or beliefs don’t matter, because despite being “so different”, we are “children of God” – as the lyrics of the song explain.


As soon as the song was released, it gained direct entry into the #3 position on the official iTunes Portugal charts.


Musically, we can hear some Latin American influences and a fusion of different flamenco sounds. The acoustic guitar mixed with the clear and prominent percussion make this single a new way to present pop music sung in Portuguese.


Without departing from his referential characteristics, Tomás always surprises his fans, with another very singable and danceable song without neglecting originality and harmonic richness.


When questioning the opinion of fans on social media about his new song, several compliments quickly emerged in the stories of the singer’s official page on Instagram.


«I saw and loved the video, I’ve seen it countless times on YouTube and the melody is beautiful!», reads one of the comments left by the artist’s fans. “So proud! You are the greatest!”, reads yet another message.


In the next few days, Tomás already has a few more surprises planned and you can find out about all the news on the singer’s Instagram at .




Tomás is an artist born in the Algarve region, but lives and resides in Spain.


After spending 8 years away from music, Tomás returns with strength and dedication in 2020, signs a contract with Editora Espacial and releases the EP ‘Amor Maior’ with the songs ‘Vem Bailar Comigo’ – with Latin and Flamenco influences – and ‘Tem Magia o Teu Olhar’ – a very danceable song that conveys a lot of energy and joy.


Due to what the artist has planned for his career, in 2021 he signed an exclusive management with BOOKING-ARTIST, a career management company that represents several renowned international artists.




BUY-RECORDS is a launching pad for musicians and producers at the forefront of Latin rhythms. By offering encouragement and creative freedom, we provide a unique platform for artists to challenge the mainstream and push musical boundaries behind.


BUY-RECORDS incorporates all aspects of agency, from Artist Orientation and Repertoire, Marketing and Advertising, Promotions, Creative Opportunities, Touring and Long-Term Artistic Development. A dynamic and innovative record label that is prepared to make a big impact on the national and international music scene




SINFONIASUBLIME is a 100% independent global distribution company based in Portugal, distributing music to streaming platforms like iTunes, TIDAL, Beatport, Spotify and many more.


In addition to distribution, SINFONIASUBLIME offers a full suite of services covering strategic marketing and release planning, video clip administration and distribution, synchronization licensing, comprehensive graphic design and a wide range of other services, all with the determination to show transparency, diversity, creativity, innovation, hard work, collaboration and direct feedback.

SinfoniaSublime Distribution

SinfoniaSublime is a 100% independent label services and global distribution company headquartered in Portugal, distributing music to streaming platforms such as iTunes, TIDAL, Beatport, Spotify, and many more.