Aux: Open Music

UK-based Music Tech Startup Aux Goes Lives In Beta Format

Developed by music tech entrepreneur, Ben Bowler, Aux aims to pull open the gates to the music industry and help artists further their careers through market-leading file transfer, collaboration, communication, and AI support.

London, 25th November 2021 UK-based, music tech startup, Aux, has announced its beta launch. The desktop app will provide artists with tools to; securely backup music files (with double WeTransfer’s upload speeds and a market-leading 10GB of free storage), sync files and collaborate, while providing access to invaluable music industry contacts. Aux aims to pull open the gates to the music industry and help artists further their careers.

The beta launch will gather Aux community feedback to shape an existing roadmap which includes; cutting-edge AI technology to upskill artists by providing recommendations  for collaborators, industry specialists, leading labels and publishers + more; native support for multi-track Ableton and Logic files; and a feature-packed mobile app.

Aux is developed by music tech entrepreneur, Ben Bowler. Bowler built, launched, and sold, DJ live streaming platform which grew to a community of over 500k members. Then, as a digital nomad, he developed a series of startups while cycling around the world, leading to the launch of Indie Tech Ltd – a startup studio building software for music, media and gaming.

On the development and beta launch of Aux, Ben comments,

“There is a huge wave of artists, from new talent to seasoned musicians, who aren’t able to reach their potential in a crowded market. Aux will upskill them and get them where they want to be in their career with AI-driven, customised introductions and recommendations targeted to their music genre as well as their current production skills.”

While there is obvious focus on the future potential of Aux, the app kicks off with a strong offering. Aux allows users to upload music files at high speeds, whether works-in-progress or final bounce-downs, backing them up securely ready to share with others. In Aux, users can create projects to manage their files. These projects can be private or shared and synced with trusted collaborators.

Within Aux, users can take the next step to boost their career and connect with over 300 music businesses around the UK. Whatever your project needs, from indie labels, to recording studios, to pressing plants, to record stores, the Aux Guide can provide direction and industry contacts, as well as a collection of all Aux user profiles for potential collaboration.

Further artist support is provided via Connect, Aux’s music industry blog, which offers advice, opinion and insights from experienced writers and creators.

Aux will launch with Free, Basic, Pro, VIP, and Teams versions, offering storage from 10GB to 10TB, access to the Aux Guide (3 entries per month to unlimited) with monthly fees ranging from £9 / €10 / $11 for the Basic version to £45 / €50 / $55 for the VIP version.

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Aux: Open Music

Aux is a new music industry platform launching soon. We're building a series of tools to connect artists with the music industry supporting the next million music creators to build successful careers.