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Utopia acquires Proper Music Group

This acquisition will help Utopia supercharge song economics and accelerate royalty payouts for Creators as well as have Proper Music Group benefit from Utopia's massive data repository and digital operations

London, United Kingdom, 19th January 2022

Utopia Music, the Swiss Music fintech company, acquired Proper Music Group (Proper), the UK’s leading physical Music distributor. Alongside its existing  immense consumption database that includes more than 33 billion global data points, the new acquisition will help Utopia supercharge their song economics and accelerate Royalty payouts for Creators as well as to digitise operations and processes within Proper Music Group’s services. 

Utopia, as a partner to the entire music industry, saw the need to launch a dedicated business unit, Distribution Services, which will service both independent and major labels by facilitating cutting edge distribution and label services. The acquisition of Proper Music Group is a fitting launch for this important part of the path towards Utopia.

“We are delighted to announce our acquisition of Proper, which will serve the whole industry and digitise operations and processes when it comes to distribution,” said Roberto Neri, Chief Operating Officer at Utopia Music. “This acquisition serves as a building block towards achieving a real Utopia. It will allow us to ensure ‘Fair Pay for Every Play’, and be more efficient by offering better and faster financial services to Creators, and servicing both major and independent labels. We are excited to welcome them into our family.”

The new unit will offer partnering labels physical distribution and sales, manufacturing, digital distribution services, marketing for Creators and performers, digital retail marketing, reporting and budgeting, real-time analytics, and synchronisation. It will also garner Utopia further opportunities in digitising operations and processes.

“Proper has a long history in the UK Music scene of which we are incredibly proud,” said Drew Hill, managing director at Proper Music Group. “That’s why when we learned of Utopia’s mission we knew we wanted to be a part of it. We believe that together we can help the whole value chain reach new heights, and as such we could not be more excited about this new venture.”

Utopia is dedicated to optimising the Music ecosystem, including minimising its carbon impact. Utopia Music is already a carbon negative company and is committed to further enhance Proper’s dedication to a reduced environmental impact. To this end, Proper is providing  dropship fulfilment for suppliers and customers, such as Cherry Red Records, Believe, Communion, The Orchard and Amazon – its largest customer. This sees CDs and Vinyl shipped to the consumer directly from Proper’s warehouse reducing unnecessary stages in the supply chain. 

“I am immensely proud of what Proper has achieved since I started the original business in 1988, with the company thriving through the evolution of digital to become one of the UK’s leading distributors,” said Malcolm Mills, Proper Music Group’s founder and former Chairman. “It is entirely due to the quality of people employed in the company and I am grateful to them for their relentless dedication and commitment to providing the exemplary service that has made Proper unique in this field. Utopia has the perfect vision to take the company to exciting new heights and realise its potential on the global stage”.

Proper will continue to service its existing customer base as part of the Utopia family, while moving forward with the goal of creating a fairer and more transparent Industry, as well as high quality products geared towards Labels and Creators.

Utopia Music

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