Web3 marketplace Serenade launches new chart eligible music format

Plans announced for world’s first ‘digital pressing’ on August 26th. Serenade to partner with Warner Records UK and Muse.

London, 1st August 2022 Serenade, the eco-friendly music web3 marketplace, has partnered with Warner Records UK to launch the world’s first Digital Pressing; a brand new, limited edition and collectible music format that will produce the first UK and Australian chart eligible music format since album streams in 2015.

Delivered in a groundbreaking new format, a Digital Pressing is a standalone, chart-eligible digital release (as opposed to being part of a wider release ‘bundle’) designed by Serenade to cater for a superfan’s appetite for scarcity, exclusive content and community recognition. Living on the blockchain and offering web3 capabilities such as verifiable ownership and the ability to trade on secondary markets, a Digital Pressing will also accrue accurate, perpetual royalties for artists, copyright holders and content owners.

Muse will be the first artist to offer this new format to their fans with the release of their forthcoming album “Will Of The People” as a Digital Pressing on Friday August 26th. “Will Of The People”, the band’s self-produced, ninth studio album and their first since 2018, will be released through Warner Records and Helium-3.

Pushing the boundaries of innovation with this creatively empowering, accessible, affordable and eco-friendly new format, each Digital Pressing has a low carbon footprint equivalent to 1/10th of a Tweet (44,000x more efficient than a standard NFT release), will be retailed for a fan-friendly £20, and will be available for purchase using a credit or debit card.

Following Muse’s global-first Digital Pressing, Serenade will set out to support and empower any artist campaign; from emerging talent to established icons and legends. Unlike vinyl production that demands significant overheads and a current six to nine month lead time, there is no cost associated with creating a digital pressing and the turnaround time can be less than two weeks.

Serenade has worked closely with the UK’s Official Charts Company and ARIA in Australia to become the first chart eligible NFT marketplace, with ‘Will Of The People” making chart history as the first Digital Pressing to be officially recognised under this new arrangement, with one sale being equivalent to one album unit. To date, no album which has been delivered as an NFT has contributed to the UK’s or Australia’s Official Albums Charts.

Max Shand, Serenade Founder said, “As a simple, standardised and chart eligible format, Digital Pressings will be a gamechanger on the global stage, and we wouldn’t have been able to achieve this without the support of the visionary teams at Warner Records, the OCC and ARIA, who all want to give artists every opportunity to bring creativity and innovation into their campaigns. I have always been a huge fan of Muse, so I am beyond excited that they will be the first artist to release a Digital Pressing with Serenade.”

Since its launch in Autumn 2021, Serenade has worked with numerous artists, ranging from emerging independents to household names including Young M.A, The Kooks, Jungle, Super Furry Animals and Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes.

Martin Talbot, Chief Executive of the Official Charts Company said, “Over their seven decades, the Official Charts have always strived to move with the times, reflecting consumption of new formats and all new ways of distributing music, as they have evolved. Just as vinyl, 8-track, cassette tapes, CDs and even MiniDisc, DCC and DAT have been welcomed into the charts, we will also welcome Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) – and we will be delighted when the first album delivered as an NFT contributes to the chart, with Serenade and Muse leading the way this summer. NFTs are a new, exciting format, the potential for which is only just beginning to be explored and I am sure will play a part in the Official Charts for years to come.”

Sebastian Simone, Vice President, Audience & Strategy of Warner Records UK said, “We’re thrilled to be partnering with Serenade and the Official Charts Company on the first chart accredited NFT album format. Muse have always been at the forefront of technological innovation and were one of the first music artists to pioneer in Web3 back in 2020. Their fans have an appetite for collectible rarities and this format brings them closer to Muse than ever before, propelling them into a new space and offering an entirely unique experience.”

Annabelle Herd, CEO of ARIA said, “Congratulations to Serenade and Muse on the first release of many, and for delivering what promises to be a new and exciting way for music lovers to engage with their favourite artists. For nearly 40 years, the ARIA Charts have been trusted to paint the most accurate and engaging picture of exactly which tracks and artists have captivated Australia, making the inclusion of NFT sales a logical next step. I can’t wait to see how this release performs.”

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Serenade is an eco-friendly, ground-breaking new artist/fan-centric music platform, which aims to break down the barriers to entry surrounding Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and make them easily accessible and affordable for artists and their fans.

Launched by Australian tech entrepreneur Max Shand, the eco-friendly music-based platform produces 1/44,000th of the carbon emitted by a standard NFT (or 1/10th of the energy usage of a Tweet) and purchases are made using a Debit/Credit card via Serenade’s check out facility.  Designed to function as a standard ecommerce site, the platform handles the creation of a digital wallet and transfer of traditional payments into crypto currency.

Serenade launched in September 2021 with music-related digital collectibles that included unreleased tracks and limited edition artwork.



A Serenade NFT requires just 1/10th of the carbon of a tweet, equating to 1/44,000th of the footprint of a normal NFT. Serenade achieves this through an energy-efficient NFT authentication method called ‘Proof of Stake,’ a counterpoint to the standard Ethereum ‘Proof of Work’ method.

This marked improvement is a result of the Serenade platform being built on top of a layer two blockchain called Polygon. Polygon has a trusted relationship with Ethereum, which means it doesn’t have to go through the exhaustive process of proving every NFT transaction to the blockchain, but rather achieves this via collective proofs.

Not only does this lead to far better ecological outcomes, but it lowers the cost of creating NFTs so artists can be free to produce more work for their fanbases without bearing any gas fees.

Not sure what an NFT is? An NFT is essentially the same as a physical limited-edition merch item, like vinyl or an artwork, only a digital file. The owner holds the copy of the digital file but not the copyright within it, as they would with a physical item, and they can sell their item at any time to another fan.

Serenade is already providing unforgettable moments for music fans across the country. Head over to to see how.


Serenade is a ground-breaking new artist/fan-centric music platform, which aims to break down the barriers to entry surrounding Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and make them easily accessible and affordable for artists and their fans.