WIN launches two new projects to strengthen and connect the independent sector worldwide

WINHUB, an international networking project connecting the independent recorded music community, to hold first event at Fluvial Conference in December. The first edition of the Southern Cone's Independents Forum (FICS) will take place in Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Chile from November 17 to December 3.

London, 28th October 2022

The Worldwide Independent Network (WIN) is launching two new projects to develop new associations and foster cross-regional collaboration in key music markets. These will also help members of existing independent music trade associations build and maintain international connections and bridge gaps between markets.

The first initiative, WINHUB, is a brand new international networking project developed to foster market access and export capacity within the independent recorded music sector, expanding and complementing the resources already available to WIN’s members. It consists of a digital portal where companies can connect with colleagues abroad and access online sessions with a regional focus, as well as face-to-face sessions at existing conferences and industry events. The new WINHUB portal will also allow participants to browse a directory and filter companies based on common interests.

The first WINHUB activities will begin in December with an in-person networking session at Fluvial conference in Chile. The first online event will be held in January 2023 and see WIN associations AIM (UK), AIM Ireland, AIR (Australia) and IMNZ (New Zealand) present on their local markets and offer members the chance to engage in networking sessions with businesses from the other participating countries. Applications will open soon for members of the participating associations.

WIN’s General Manager Noemí Planas explained: “Truly connecting the independent community around the world is one of our main goals. WINHUB will create new opportunities for independent music companies to build relationships with members of other WIN associations, promoting inter-regional collaboration and business development.”

AIR CEO and WIN Chair Maria Amato commented: “International networking is a top priority for WIN so that independent music companies that are members of our network of trade associations can connect and share insights to propel business development and develop reciprocal promotional opportunities. The first WINHUB International Networking online event will be a great opportunity to connect AIR (Australia) members with other companies in Ireland, New Zealand, and the UK.”

WIN’s second upcoming project — Foro de Independientes del Cono Sur (The Southern Cone’s Independents Forum, or “FICS”) — continues the organisation’s efforts to support existing members while developing new associative structures in markets without current WIN representation.

FICS is a touring summit of independent music companies and professionals promoted by WIN and the LatAm Network (a WIN-coordinated working group made up of ASIAr (Argentina), ABMI (Brazil), IMICHILE (Chile) and UFI (Spain), plus individual companies from other territories where there is currently no trade association affiliated with WIN).

For its first edition, FICS will visit Buenos Aires (Argentina), Asuncion (Paraguay), Montevideo (Uruguay) and Valdivia (Chile) from November 17 to December 3, 2022. The project was conceived as a means to contribute to the economic development of the Southern Cone’s independent music sector and its integration into global value chains. Its goals are promoting cooperation, dialogue and knowledge exchange among music companies and professionals in the four participant countries, as well as paving the way for the creation of new trade associations in Paraguay and Uruguay.

FICS will incorporate a range of activities, including panels, presentations, workshops and networking sessions, organised by WIN in collaboration with local partners A.S.I.Ar, IMICHILE, Planea Música and Little Butterfly Records within the framework of existing conferences and events: BAFIM, Fluvial, CraneaMúsica and Montevideo Sound City, respectively. A face-to-face meeting of the LatAm Network will take place in Valdivia, Chile on December 3.

Oliver Knust, Director of Chilemúsica and WIN board member, said: “FICS promotes regional associativity, which is very necessary in Latin America. This is important because the live sector is becoming more interconnected, but the recorded music industry is not well articulated. WIN is the key to this integration and FICS is the tool to accelerate and implement it.”

Noemí Planas stated: “Through its LatAm Network, WIN has enabled a level of cooperation between associations and independent music companies that has resulted in the success of projects like the Latin American Observatory of Independent Music (OLMI), and now launches this exciting new project, FICS. We are proud to be part of the articulation of the independent sector in the region and thrilled about the potential for growth.”

To support both initiatives, as well as the organisation’s efforts to build bridges between the continents, the WIN board will meet in Chile for the first time on December 2. The meeting will be an opportunity to network with the Chilean and Latin music industry, including representatives of Chile’s indigenous community, and to support the work of the local trade association IMICHILE.

Founded in 2006 in response to shared issues faced by the music sector everywhere, WIN brings together local independent music trade associations throughout Australasia, Asia, Europe, North and South America, representing thousands of music companies and professionals worldwide.