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Winky D teams up with Shingai to salute culture and tackle pressing social and political issues

New single released on 2nd January 2023

London, 17th January 2023 Zimbabwean Reggae-Dancehall artist Winky D has collaborated with The Midi Music Company’s patron and CICAS® member Shingai on a powerful track titled ‘Dzimba Dzemabwe’, a Shona phrase used in reference to the Republic of Zimbabwe.

Over a percussive rhythmic bounce, Shingai’s luscious vocal glides in accompaniment with Winky D’s rich and assured tone.

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Produced by Jusa Dementor and Oskid, the record expresses collective concern about social and political issues such as poverty, wealth inequality and climate change, and the looming fear of not leaving a sustainable earth for future generations. Interwoven with cultural allusions and impactful lyrics (‘Is this the land we died for, cried for?’) the track captures superbly the anxieties of present times whilst saluting Zimbabwean culture.

Listen to the song and watch the music video here.

Keep up to date with Shingai here.

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