World's first social platform for virtual characters, Oshi, launches globally

The launch ushers in a new era of entertainment for iconic IP such as anime figures and game characters.

Tokyo, Japan, 20th December 2023 Oshi, the social platform tailored for the creators of virtual characters, is delighted to announce its global launch, ushering in a new era of entertainment for iconic IP such as anime figures and game characters. 

Inspired by the booming virtual YouTuber market (known as “VTubers”, who stream as a 2D or 3D model rather than reveal their actual faces) and backed by Silicon Valley venture capital firm Goodwater Capital, Oshi is a place where characters can come to life and interact directly with their fans, just as human creators would. The platform is created by the makers of global streaming platform Logcast (used in 70+ countries today).

“Our mission is to create a future where fans and characters come together in the real world, redefining how entertainment is experienced,” says Leni Andronicos, CEO. “With Oshi, fans will have the opportunity to engage in direct conversations with their favourite virtual personalities, blurring the lines between fiction and reality.” 

While the platform is currently available on web and mobile devices, the company is building its technology to extend into mixed and virtual reality environments, leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to enable real-time interactions between fans and characters. “Imagine stepping into a world where you can hang out and chat with your favorite characters as if they were right beside you,” Andronicos continued. “That’s the world we’re building.”

By 2030, the company believes there will be more virtual creators than human, and envisions the next generation of character entertainment as direct-to-fan. With Oshi, fans no longer need to wait for a movie release, they can establish direct relationships with their favorite characters at home. 

A New Era of “Direct-To-Fan” Character Entertainment

Inspired by VTubers (virtual YouTubers) and their pioneering concept of virtual entertainment, Oshi believes that VTubers set the precedent for a new era of live character entertainment. With Oshi, this concept is expanding beyond VTubers, welcoming characters of all kinds, from beloved anime figures to game characters. Now, these characters who were previously confined to their fictional worlds, can have the opportunity to step into social environments and talk directly with their fans on a personal level.

Oshi enables creators to take control of their own digital identities, shape unique personalities, and forge direct connections with their devoted fanbase. This allows creators to monetize their creations without the constraints imposed by traditional industry gatekeepers. 

Asia Pacific Region Dominating the Market, Global Expansion To Happen Next 

Asia-Pacific stands as the dominant force in the space, accounting for a majority of the VTuber market. This supremacy can be attributed to several factors, including the early adoption of VTubers in Japan and the region’s robust culture of fandom (dubbed “oshikatsu”, the word which inspired the Oshi brand). 

Oshi marks one of the first international initiatives to tap into the thriving VTuber market, which began in Japan in 2017 and is on track to become a $292B market by 2031 (source: Business Insights Research, 2023). Globalization, multilingual content and diverse monetization strategies are some of the driving factors of the market.

“The market potential for Japanese voice actors and VTubers to connect with a global audience is massive,” Andronicos says. Despite the global popularity of anime and Japanese pop culture, the creatives behind them often struggle to monetize their digital presence. Oshi aims to transform this by utilizing its global network, including Spotify and TikTok, to grant Japanese creators access to an untapped and unmonetized global audience.

About Oshi:

Oshi is a social platform designed exclusively for virtual characters, including VTubers, anime figures and game characters. Founded by the team behind global voice streaming platform Logcast, Oshi is now available on the App Store and online at oshi4ever.com. For more information about Oshi, please visit oshi4ever.com

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